64Billionaires actually want to steal the trophy James certainly show loving dog food (video)|Billionaires actually want to steal the trophy James certainly show loving dog food (video)9

Billionaires actually want to "steal" trophy James certainly show loving self hi crazy dog! James wife birthday Party show large Tencent sports news September 15th NBA singing long grass stage is not boring, mid autumn festival what are the interesting thing? All spectators sit tight, sports Tencent original column "NBA" with a circle you stroked a stroke. The police had received a report, a respected billionaire actually broke into the Cavaliers office, trying to steal the Cavaliers history’s first championship trophy. However, it was revealed that the thief did not succeed. (the above is purely fabricated any similarity is purely coincidental) Knight boss Gilbert cup active, proud of the knight fans show said: "Hey, Knight fans, just a western team boss to see me in the office is trying to steal the trophy, how can he succeed?" As the team leader, Lebron – James is not idle, the side of Kevin – Carrefour and J.R. Smith propaganda "can’t wait to see you shine", while in this way the urge to tell Smith to renew the knight. Not long ago, James has just finished China line in Guangzhou Harbourside general to a parade. James said: "every day is like a dream, this sport makes me this child from Akron became a global icon, I am grateful, never take every moment as the proper. Thank you for all the Chinese fans! My Chinese fans gave me a championship parade and I wanted to thank them again." Is crazy, China fans really not for who. Zhan Huangshun is also a "dog food" Anniversary Show of affection, love to my wife in marriage: "happy anniversary, my queen! The first day of my life, you accompany me, it means more to me than life itself. Along the way, the wind and rain, you are everything to me! You are an incredible mother, daughter, granddaughter, friend, and wife! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love you, mom!" Gentlemen, this sweet, hey, today is not Valentine’s day, please self-respect! A James urge, was arrested for drunk driving before the incense Alpert felt the crisis, quickly back hard, still send their pictures to James Huangbiao hard. ‘I’m tired’ is not a good excuse, you can always do more." Don’t know how many times in the "single for cousins" gossip "team of grass" Le Fu are hard, thin many, wearing suits more sexy. Even Le Fu are their own handsome halo: perfect custom suit, made of Italy wool." User comments: handsome turn over." The annual offseason Championship Rockets fans have provoked, even request the general manager Daryl Morey said: "please, this year out, next year a bit better picks before wushun." What do you say? How will the rockets hit the target? Morey exhibition wind domineering President: "Lao Tzu term want to also don’t think the Rockets next general manager will pass this bill." The French romantic will enjoy, Boris Dior is a typical, he visited the champagne origin in the vineyard today, sunset sunset, also self pictures, enjoy enviable life. Easey pressure – Thomas small love.