65Zhang Shuai I’m so sorry that I didn’t want to ruin the good game|Zhang Shuai I’m so sorry that I didn’t want to ruin the good game0

Zhang Shuai: it’s a shame that I don’t want to ruin the good race because Zhang Shuai missed the final. Zhang Shuai didn’t go further. She lost 0 to 2 against and missed the WTA super elite final in Zhuhai. This year, Zhang Shuai played a season best occupation career, ranking from 200 on the world’s top 20. But after a few races, Zhang Shuai repeatedly for those who move freely in the audience expressed dissatisfaction with this, but also with the media trouble some unpleasant. After the game last night, Zhang Shuai, said the initiative is very guilty, very sad, because some of her remarks and media reports, so many people who serve for the event has been criticized and criticized. Don’t lose the enemy korva sincerely convinced group phase two matches, Zhang Shuai state has overwhelmed, she even said is better than three weeks ago in the net to play. But in the two time Wimbledon champion, "sisters" in front of Covey Tova Zhang Shuai, the strength is still shallow, the final two to 2 than 6 defeat. Before coming to Zhuhai, Zhang Shuai had advanced to Dongguan training for 3 days, she and Covey Tova arrived in Zhuhai, is also the first generation of players, trained several times. "It was a tough game. I trained with Zhang Shuai and knew each other very well. Look at the final stage, she saved 3 match points, know that the game is not easy." Covey Tova will compete for the title with J Vito Lina today, who beat England 2 to 1 over the last night at the end of the day, with the winner of the game, the winner of the game, and the winner of the game, the winner of the game, the. For Zhang Shuai, this game was sincerely convinced. Although the middle of the game had a miscarriage of justice, despite the end of the disk to save the 3 match points, but Zhang Shuai has been unable to reverse the situation. "I think Covey Tova is a top player because she didn’t finish the game until you played." Zhang Shuai said there are many places to learn from Covey Tova. As with most Chinese players, Zhang Shuai against Covey Tova in the strength of such a player when the odds are not great, "from the day I play, the power is not my specialty." Zhang Shuai said that when he was a child, he was not a strong player. This is the first time Zhang Shuai in the finals of WTA level events, from before the reception to the special group format, Zhang Shuai feel very fresh, "hope to continue to enhance the ranking, since Zhuhai competition, and even have a chance to go to Singapore (finals)." The Zhuhai elite is the last event of the season for the WTA and the players will be able to enjoy a long vacation next week. But for Zhang Shuai, want to have to wait for a period of time, then she will participate in Tokyo and Hawaii, the two leg of the ITF challenge. The promotion of a sister of hope is not the end point of a year ago, Zhang Shuai ranking about 200 in the world, wandering in the edge of retirement, competition can only participate in the Zhuhai classic, is the lowest level of ITF events; a year later, despite the wild card to participate in the Zhuhai classic, but Zhang Shuai’s world ranking has come to 28 finally, with a rank by players but the gap to four or five. This transformation, Zhang Shuai "All sufferings have their reward." to describe. Despite the Zhuhai super elite final, Zhang Shuai scored 240 points and $380 thousand in the world this week as well as a new sponsor. After the end of the season, Zhang Shuai’s total bonus exceeded $1 million 200 thousand. Compared with the top players in the tour, $1 million 200 thousand light