6Family Problems That Lead To Divorce – Part 2 Healing Emotional Pain And Resentment |Family Problems That Lead To Divorce – Part 2 Healing Emotional Pain And Resentment

Relationships Is your relationship in trouble? Wondering how to stop a divorce? Do you have lingering emotional pain from things your spouse has said or done? Emotional pain comes in many forms, and is often difficult to deal with. It may seem like you’re being a better, more easy-going and forgiving spouse by sweeping your family problems under the rug. But what happens when these emotional wounds start to resurface? It is safe to say that once you have reached this point, you are heading for a relationship in trouble . I call these issues "unresolved resentments", which simply put, are when you hold on to your emotional pain. When these resentments build up in a relationship, they can lead to even more significant family problems . Not completely resolving the issues at the core of an argument will eventually lead you to a relationship in trouble. Let’s look at an example of the damage caused by an "unresolved resentment". You and your spouse get into an argument. You’re tired and want to end the fight. You say, "Its fine", but what you are really saying is "I don’t want to argue anymore". The unresolved issue festers until it reappears in the next disagreement you have. This is an unresolved resentment, and it’s a major cause of family problems today. Take a moment to imagine how many of these situations you and your spouse have been in, where one of you has "let it go", but the issue has come up again and again. As these "unresolved resentments" build the distance between you and your spouse grows. This worsens the emotional pain because now you also feel you are "growing apart". Your relationship deteriorates as tensions build, the space between you grows, and arguments become more frequent. This is the downward spiral that is a tell-tale sign of a relationship in trouble. So then, how do you stop yourself from heading down this slippery slope? Will searching "how to stop a divorce" or "family therapy in Toronto" in Google be the answer? Well, if you’re seeking family therapy, or more specifically family therapy in Toronto, you must recognize the importance of acknowledging unresolved resentments in any sort of family therapy situation. Only then will you really know how to stop a divorce. It is impossible to heal this kind of emotional pain through any kind of family therapy if your unresolved resentments are not mended. Finding family therapy in Toronto that will really help you and your spouse get to the root of your relationship issues might not be easy. Choose family therapy designed to reliably deal with all of your unresolved resentments in an outcome-oriented way. For more information about healing your relationship visit About the Author: The NEXT Program gives people the tools to create healthy families, separated or together. The transformative learning process makes it easier to quickly uncover the root causes of your relationship difficulties and apply what you learn in your daily life. Everything you do in The NEXT Program is designed to produce a meaningful outcome for you and your family, not just help you know more. Visit or call (416) 646-3377 Article Published On: