6Foreign media India defense minister visited the Western Theater concerns the border situation – Soh|Foreign media India defense minister visited the Western Theater concerns the border situation – Soh

Foreign media: India’s defense minister’s visit to China to visit Western Theatre concern about the border situation – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network April 19 reported: foreign media said that India and China on the 18th began high-level defense talks held in Beijing, both sides claimed the attaches great importance to the relations between the two armies. The dialogue is expected to involve China’s Maritime Silk Road and the establishment of a hotline between the two armed forces in detail. Visiting India’s defense minister, Parica M, made a brief opening remarks before the dialogue, the India Journal reported. He pointed out that the relationship between China and India is the most priority of the transaction, we are committed to further development of friendly relations and cooperation with china". China defense minister Chang Wanquan said that China is willing to further strengthen military strategic communication with india. Parica M also met the same day the Chinese Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Fan Changlong. According to the times, the India times website reported in April 17th, Indian senior interaction is scheduled to open on 18, India, Beijing’s defense minister to visit will hold talks with Chinese officials. Negotiations are likely to focus on China recently in Pakistani terrorist suspects Masood? Al Azhar a vote "no" votes, worsening the border dispute, and Beijing to India and the United States military exchanges daily and India and the United States or in reported in the South China Sea joint patrols "worry and. The two sides may also discuss the way to set up the meeting place of sixth military personnel along the actual control line. Parica M arrived in Beijing on the evening of 17, he had stayed in Shanghai for one day and met with the India nationals. He is expected to meet with Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Chinese military officials, followed by a visit to the Western Theater of Chengdu headquarters. After parrikar’s visit, India’s national security adviser Dorval will with Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi India boundary issue on behalf of the 19th meeting held. According to Indian Zee news website reported on April 17, the frequent occurrence of "territorial violations" events, on the ease border patrol tensions protocol implementation problems, as well as India and China strategic concern, is expected to be the main topic of the Indian defense minister parrikar with senior Chinese military officials. Parrikar 17 from Shanghai flew to Beijing, with Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, fan Changlong and other official talks. Reported that he will visit the prime minister Li Keqiang, and visit China recently established the Western Theater command. The border area of India belongs to the jurisdiction of the war zone. According to reports, is expected to India for the Chinese military especially in the Ladakh region "aggressive" patrol concern will be the main topic. China denies any territorial violations. The two sides will discuss the details of the border cooperation agreement signed in 2013, and the annual meeting of the border affairs consultation and coordination mechanism. Before Parica M’s visit to China, the Chinese side has hinted or will refer to India’s recent opening up its military bases for the United States to provide logistical decisions. Beijing to Japan in India and the United States jointly held the "Malabar" exercise concerns. India is concerned about the expansion of China in the India ocean, India ocean is regarded as the backyard of India. In accordance with the.