6Rocket Army Strategic Ballistic Missile exercises extreme cold weather combat launch (Figure) – Mili|Rocket Army Strategic Ballistic Missile exercises extreme cold weather combat launch (Figure) – Mili

Rocket Army Strategic Ballistic Missile exercises very cold weather combat launch (Figure) – Military – People’s network, Beijing, January 14, according to CCTV reported that the rocket army a missile brigade recently launched in the extreme cold weather field training. Snow covered roads, delaying the speed of the team, very cold weather also always test the performance of the equipment. Due to the temperature is too low, the launch vehicle oil pressure sensor failure, the commander quickly ordered the use of auxiliary heating equipment to start the preheating system. Rocket forces a missile brigade staff long Lee Dong wook introduced said: "original our motivation training are in indoor simulation operation training, now our troops to pull into the wild, road icing, cold and a full protection training." "The order of your department at 00 hours 13 minutes ago, quickly transferred to the 2 area." As the headquarters of the order, the vast expanse of snow in the wild, the soldiers moving again. "In the case of high altitude reconnaissance, rapid covert camouflage!" A maneuver, the way the enemy, the soldiers calmly, one by one to crack. Reach the designated operational area, all personnel under the full protection of the equipment, the connection cable, once again into the combat launch. Rocket forces a missile brigade commissar Ma Jiaxing said "as a rocket in the army of the front-line combat troops, we feel to shoulder the burden is even heavier, greater responsibility. We only have a foothold in the most complex, the most difficult, the most difficult conditions, the war in order to draw, play to win." Share to: (commissioning editor: Yan Jiaqi, Huang Zijuan)