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The 7 day countdown, 56 of the world’s first car will be unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show car Sohu – Guangzhou auto show 11 held a press conference revealed that there will be 56 the world’s first models appeared, which multinational enterprises launch vehicle for 7 cars; new energy vehicles 146 units, 19 sets of concept cars. This show will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center from November 18th to 27. It is reported that in November 18th for the media day, only open to domestic and foreign media. November 19th to 20 for the professional audience day, tickets for $100; from November 21st to 27 for the public day, tickets for $50. The Guangzhou auto show a total of China import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall A district and B district all 13 hall 7 hall, North and South Plaza outdoor exhibition area, the exhibition scale of 220 thousand square meters, the exhibition area of A passenger car, B exhibition area of electric cars, commercial vehicles, parallel imports of cars, auto parts and accessories. The new Audi A4 allroad will be unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show this show at home and abroad mainstream car brands have higher specifications exhibitors. Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea more than and 20 traditional automobile group will bring forward the new concept of display technology of vehicle models; domestic automobile group and automobile enterprises will also show high quality China car industry; many European luxury brands, modified cars have also exhibitors; Bao Wo, hanteng, the Great Wall WEY industry’s new brand will bring innovative products, further to expand the exhibition brand lineup. In addition to domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, the auto show in particular to open parallel import auto show area, attracted a large number of domestic large car dealer group exhibitors, to provide the audience with a richer choice. As the first in the top car exhibition showcasing electric vehicle product platform, the "third Guangzhou international electric vehicle exhibition" will be held on November 18, 2016 to 22 in China import and Export Fair held exhibition hall B exhibition area, scale of 20 thousand square meters, the exhibition period of adjustment for 5 days. For the industry to create an electric vehicle industry chain display platform. In November 18th, 20, held the third Guangzhou international commercial vehicle exhibition will import and Export Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou Chinese B district two floor 12.2 and 13.2 hall. The exhibition for the ticket queue and queue two prominent problems, focus on and provide a comprehensive solution. In the purchase of services, in addition to providing exhibition before booking, outside the national free delivery service, for on-site queuing at the ticket, the organizers specially in the field of ticket office added WeChat payment function, in response to the majority of the audience consumer electronic payment habits at the same time, reduce ticket change, improve the efficiency of the ticket. At the same time, the organizers are also on the ticket office and the main channel to add the official WeChat two-dimensional code, the audience can buy electronic tickets through WeChat channels, while walking to achieve the purchase, reduce congestion caused by queuing. Increased access to electronic tickets, unified electronic ticket form, to further improve the recognition rate of electronic tickets, so as to enhance the efficiency of audience admission.相关的主题文章: