70Lakers rookie said to improve the ability of 2K value Walton he practice in the sky hook (video)|Lakers rookie said to improve the ability of 2K value Walton he practice in the sky hook (video)9

The Lakers rookie said to improve the ability of 2K value of Walton: he is practicing Kareem ready to brush a big move? Zubats hit three points in the training of sports news September 2nd hook Tencent Losangeles Lakers rookie Ibiza Chahar – Zubats recently aired their NBA2K value, said we must improve this value. Lakers coach Luke – Walton said, Zubats has been practicing Kareem Jabbar’s stunt – kareem. Zubats inspirational to improve their ability to 2K value on their twitter, Zubats drying out their own NBA2K ability to capture the value of his ability in the 2016-17 season is 68. "What do you think? I have to raise this value! Thanks to @NBA2K, "Zubats wrote next to the photo. It is interesting that the NBA2K game has recently announced the ability of the players in the value of Zubats’s ability to play in the Lakers teammates have been exposed, but only Zubats did not. He also asked Dan Gilo on twitter, five days later, disappointed, said: "I may not be in the NBA2K game." Now Zubats can rest assured that he will appear in the NBA2K game. The Lakers home alone, the team ability value does not exceed 80, Russell 79, the highest for the team, the new show Bangyan Brandon – Ingram and veteran Rolle Deng with 78, Julius Randle, Jordan – Clarkson and Lewis – Williams is 77, Yi Jianlian is 74. Zubats, 19 years old, height of 2 meters, the division of the center, he was in this year’s draft round of the second round of the Lakers were selected by the Lakers in the thirty-second round of the 16. Although it is only the two round of the show, but Zubats’s performance in the summer league is very eye-catching, he played for 23.2 minutes in the field, contributing to a total of 10.6 points and 7.2 rebounds and 2.6 blocks, shooting up to 64.7%. Lakers coach Walton said, Zubats has been with Bill bertka special assistant practicing with Kareem, and the effect is very good. In fact, in the last month of Zubats in the network had aired their video hook. He was standing in the corner of three line, sideways facing the basket, hitting an ultra long hook. Zubats is a Croatia based player, originally had a good pace and insider skills, if coupled with the skills of the hook, the Lakers in the second round of the election he is definitely a big profit. (Niu Niu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.