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Boys and girls, are you worried? Sohu health click the top blue WeChat name can subscribe oh! Small language: the Capital Institute of Pediatrics WeChat public number to replace the new account, in order to allow new and old friends to learn and find more popular science knowledge, we will gradually review the past popular science content. Puberty is from the beginning of the development of secondary sexual characteristics of this period is fully mature, when the girl or boy more than 13 years of age more than 14 years old are still without the development of secondary sexual characteristics, called delayed puberty. Late adolescent boys and girls tend to produce psychological influence. The reasons for the delay of puberty are complex, including two aspects of genetic and acquired nutrition, disease. The genetic correlation between the most common factors called constitutional delayed puberty, these children in 0 ~ 6 years old normal development of school-age growth gradually slow, low figure compared to children of the same age, also significantly delayed development. The majority of 16, after 17 years of age (late 20 year old boys, girls at the age of 18) began the development of secondary sexual characteristics, but once they enter puberty, growth and height growth of the secondary sexual characters rapidly, eventually to reach normal levels. A variety of systemic diseases such as chronic cyanotic congenital heart disease, chronic diarrhea, anemia, uremia, tuberculosis, malnutrition, diabetes can have adverse effects on the body metabolism, leading to hypothalamic gonadal axis dysfunction, caused by delayed puberty. If the girl with short stature, low hairline, webbed neck, breasts and wide, cubitus valgus, congenital heart disease, it should be highly suspected Turner syndrome, a chromosomal disease. The boy is different according to the lesion was divided into hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and hypergonadotropic hypogonadism. So the boy small testicles, small penis need to get the attention of parents, as soon as possible to the pediatric department of endocrinology. (from "Encyclopedia of health, children’s common diseases") editor: Research Center publicity capital pediatric service number sdekyjsfwh according to the two-dimensional code, we pay attention to Capital Institute of Pediatrics sdekyjskph science press the two-dimensional code, we pay attention to