72The former Luneng exploits three jobs but do not understand the ball too understand sports managemen|The former Luneng exploits three jobs but do not understand the ball too understand sports managemen4

The former Luneng exploits three hats understand the ball but not too understand the management of Sohu from 2015 Li Xiaopeng sports you return to Brazil Luneng as general manager, marshal Menezes took office, Luneng for the new season to see the road is bright. After Luneng after two rounds of qualifying successfully among the AFC Champions League group phase, everything is new, at that time, including the author, Luneng to reshape the brilliant. However, the reality is cruel, losing in the league, the coach lost control of the team, the only fig leaf may only AFC Champions League League quarter finals. With the end of the season Luneng Taishan, the league has created a record low, the League fourteenth. Li Xiaopeng announced that the former general manager of Shijiazhuang in December 1, 2015 Yongchang Luneng Club, then announced the official website of Li Xiaopeng return, as the Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager, technical director, head coach of china. The powerful figure Li Xiaopeng as the club broke the club since the establishment of the traditional. He is the Shandong Luneng most popular old captain, in retirement and has coached the women’s football, the Super League club, and also served as the general manager of Yongchang in the last year. The Luneng is also fancy his management experience after retirement. Luneng to break the tradition, the practice of hiring professional managers, let Luneng fans for a time as if to see the rise of the team hope. But now we see, Li Xiaopeng Luneng in the new post performance in the end how? From the transfer point of view, he is not a good technical director; team cohesion from the point of view, he is not a good general manager; the loss of control from the team point of view, he is not a good coach of China team; team performance from the point of view, he is not the person of Lu Nengzhang rudder. This year, Li Xiaopeng’s performance just passable but also against Luneng to employ his mind: as a football professional, will bring something different than the previous general manager layman. So the management of Luneng really is not that management is not a football professional background, this Hengda Liu Yong burning is the best example, no matter how Hengda appears this problem, but whether we admit that these problems can not be denied Liu Yongzhuo achievements over the past few years. In Hengda Real estate group not involved in football, Liu Yongzhuo also did not have any experience in football, but Liu Yongzhuo Hengda club’s work is good, from in a team to the Asian Champions Liu Yongzhuo, under the management of Hengda, every penny to let the boss take are worth. Liu Yongzhuo himself, from football into Chinese and layman, Asian football experts, through foreign aid the introduction of rare mistakes in his hand. Although this season Luneng in the difficult relegation, but the player’s strength is still in the forefront. We should not always focus on how to choose a tactical master who is the biggest problem in the management of the most urgent need to solve the problem. But the Luneng in several consecutive season in poor circumstances, Luneng team chose Li Xiaopeng at the helm of size matters, always feel a kind of styled hobson. Li Xiaopeng as a player is indeed a good player in the squad is not in doubt, is also a good.