72Zhang Chengdong exposes the problem of contract renewal is not big in 3 years before the target (vid|Zhang Chengdong exposes the problem of contract renewal is not big in 3 years before the target (vid0

Zhang Chengdong Zhang Xizhe’s exposure to the target country not before 3 years [information] 1-2 Pelle Monty Atilio Yu Dabao scored goals Luneng Guoan Guoan player recently to the Savior in the negotiations have attracted the attention of the fans and the media. According to the reporter, on the occasion of the 4 round is still left in the Super League this year, the club has basically completed the renewal work, in the national security team of 18 people list, there are 90% players who have completed the contract with the club, which means that the Team Guoan consolidated his team for the next league laid the foundation of personnel firm. Recently, the main midfielder Zhang Xizhe missed the last two games, let the outside world about the club that he not related to the negotiations. According to the reporter, Zhang Xizhe and Zhang Chengdong two national security will indeed still in talks with the club club. Two and the club are very positive, have a strong desire to continue to cooperate. The rest of Yang Zhi, Yu Dabao, Lei Tenglong, Pu Cheng and other Mesozoic players has completed the renewal procedures, so the main frame of season Guoan basic retained the club for other players and the introduction of new Neiyuan will have a greater attraction. Zhang Chengdong Zhang Xizhe has not yet completed the renewal of national security and national security at present, a number of players in the work contract expires at the end of the year, if not renewed success, means that they will become a free agent, which is a huge potential for the club, a number of Super League, a club in the so-called China does not violate the provisions of the transfer under the football association through these, brokers and Guoan players, club in danger of loss. National security team is now the 18 player is the club’s largest fortune, in the super is difficult to buy money to buy talent, from a certain point of view, each player is not to sell". Guoan players belong to the Super League in the first team, is a superior team on the object. Because of the domestic first-line players talent shortage, so they are worth even more than the foreign aid is not low, forming a super special phenomenon, namely local players and foreign aid worth inversion phenomenon. Every year, the national security team’s results will fluctuate. After the first national championship in 2009, the 2010 season, the majority of national security players are also facing the challenge of re contract, so that the results of the national security team and the season of ups and downs. After the start of the season, the national security club has been fully aware of this problem, one by one with each national security players to start a contract extension. But the renewal of the negotiations is a long process, until last week after the national security home defeat in Yanbian, the national security club before the completion of the contract with the majority of players. As for Zhang Xizhe and Zhang Chengdong in two of the main contract, the club will finish according to plan with their contract before the end of this year, two people become the focus of all to avoid in the future of the nouveau riche were pursued in the transfer market. According to informed sources: Zhang Xizhe and Zhang Chengdong’s contract extension is now only some of the problems of the process, the contract should not be a big problem." While retaining some of the players playing the same time, for several years for the effectiveness of the old national security team, the national security club has come up with the greatest sincerity to communicate, 0