7Disabled old age of two plus 155 years of age obligation to build roads 9 years (Figure) – the new n|Disabled old age of two plus 155 years of age obligation to build roads 9 years (Figure) – the new n

Disabled old couple sum of age 155 years compulsory Road 9 years (Figure) – the new network in the four district of Tiexi District glider, residents often see such a scene: a leaning on a crutch for the elderly in the company of his wife, children, hobbled to push a wheelchair move to and fro in the district, placed on the wheel chair is not soft cushion, but bricks, sand, cement and shovels, various tools. Don’t see two elderly age add up to 155 years old, and a disabled, another suffering from cerebellar atrophy, the old couple but silently guarding 3000 residents travel road, nine years, whether in winter or summer, community within the obligation to repair the damaged pavement. April 6, Shenyang, Shenyang evening news, network reporter approached people respect the old couple, tell you the extraordinary story of the two ordinary people in Shenyang. Repair the road to facilitate others also facilitate their leaning on a crutch of the old man called plum season, 80 year old, he is City Radio Factory retired workers, city model worker. Because of an injury, plum season came to a disabled, later the femoral head and two operations, lead to two legs uneven thickness and length. In order to facilitate walking, a shoe sole with 4 cm thick rubber pad. It is to walk as the quivering old man, and his wife did awesome thing. As an open community, gliding, four district traffic intensive, nine years ago plum season saw the area within the pavement has a lot of damage to the local, vehicle in the past potholes in large and small bumps badly. He decided to do some things within its capacity — with shovels, from a nearby street have soil place shovel soil covering the top, with a spade shoot Ping. Since then, he had to repair the road as part of life. When the reporter saw plum season, he is in front of his own unit busy to move to a wheelchair cement, bear the logistics work of his wife and children in the moving bricks. "Retired at home stay idle, the obligation to repair on a physical exercise, if one day not Diansha. Body bone not comfortable." Li Ziji said. So, take the plum season without any return to work, and the Lord is nine years. In order to pavement repair flat, plum season privately purchased hammers, shovels, pickaxes and the tool, also bought a sand, cement, bricks and other materials and to change the old wheelchair into a small cart. In order to save costs, he is still in the area of the collection of materials, found that the house was decorated with sand, cement, he was in the consent of the owner’s consent, a little bit shipped to their doorstep. For a long time, residents of the home to take the initiative to use the remaining cement, sand to his home. "Lupin, you walk and drive are convenient. I retired at home, no matter, convenient and convenient for others." Ineloquent Li Ziji said is not much, but they reveal a simple and sincere. Old companion every time are accompanied road unconsciously, the repair area within the damaged road into the habit of Li Ziji, at nine o’clock in the morning to go out, sometimes the latest to dry to at eight o’clock in the evening. Plum season of his wife’s son Gou Shuqing this year has been 75 years old, although suffering from cerebellar atrophy, but because of fear of his wife’s son when the accident occurred, each West