7Eleven long time to buy a house the overall situation of home finance Internet banking _ sina financ|Eleven long time to buy a house the overall situation of home finance Internet banking _ sina financ

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< p > policy support for housing demand and further increase interest so as to lower the cost of purchase, housing prices rose modestly also makes the mentality of buyers more easily, so buyers can be in during the National Day this year, make full use of the advantage of the holiday, to complete the home.

overall situation is conducive to the home

2015 National Day holiday, for the people who have the idea of home, is destined to be a different holiday. No matter from which side, such as price trends, policies, and so on, are very favorable for buyers.

at this stage prices have been in a moderate upward phase. National Bureau of statistics released the latest data show that in August 2015, 70 large and medium-sized cities nationwide housing prices rise, the number of cities continued to climb, from 31 last month increased to 35, maintain a stable number of cities there are nine, and decline in house prices in the city continued to reduced to 26. World state of Wei and Shi (CBRE) tracking monitoring results also reflected this kind of change, the agency created in issued by the National Bureau of statistics monthly data on the basis of the national commercial housing price index shows that in August the overall chain upstream 0.5% to 156.3, continued to maintain a slight upward trend. Among them, the cities home prices rose 2.6%, increase from the previous month narrowed by half a percentage point, second tier cities rose 0.3 percent, more rare is, three lines of urban overall prices stabilized signs appear, annulus comparing flat. Prices remain moderate rising trend, for property buyers, that is not worried that prices rose too fast and was forced to chase and the chaos in confusion, also do not have as falling house prices and anxious and relatively relaxed state of mind, to make the right decisions.

from the policy side, blowing frequency, but also conducive to the purchase. 2015 has been in the past 8 months, always in the gradual relaxation of the policy, especially the rigid requirements, all levels of government has repeatedly shot to give support, the purchase threshold lowered. The cost of home also continue to decrease. 3.30 new "open" rescues the city "the big screen. Subsequently, successive introduction of a series of stimulus measures, reduce provident fund loans down payment ratio and improve loan amount, two suites loan drop down payment, business tax to reduce the threshold policy shall be exempted from, the need and just needs to improve is benefit.

, especially the level of interest rates continued to decline, the purchase cost of a substantial decline, so that buyers enjoy the real benefits. Access to mortgage interest rates since 2005, the current benchmark interest rate is the lowest in 10 years, to 5.15%, which gives property buyers to reduce the pressure on a lot of interest expense. For example, if the loan of 100 million yuan (matching repayment of principal Act), the repayment period for 30 years, even as compared with 22 November 2014 6.15%, interest expense decrease 22.75 million yuan.

developers are also very awesome

fall is often rushed to the housing prices >