7Foreign media attention has changed Chinese insight into Russian and Western military reform and – B|Foreign media attention has changed Chinese insight into Russian and Western military reform and – B

Foreign media attention the Chinese military refitted: insight into Russian and Western military refitted pros and cons – the new network data figure: 9.3 parade and foreign media said that, since the 80s of last century, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army the largest reform and restructuring. This restructuring is accompanied by the creation of the modernization of the twenty-first Century fighting force reform, but also an important supplement to the modernization of reform. China hopes to build a more sophisticated equipment, can accomplish a number of goals of the modular force. According to the James Don foundation website in March 28 reported that these reforms and plans are not produced by air. The Chinese military is closely following the military modernization programs of other countries, especially after the invasion of Georgia in 2008, and drawing lessons from some of the main ideas. Moreover, Russia’s military industry will also play an important role in the modernization of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, the military heritage of Russia and the Soviet period will serve as the key element of China’s latest military forces. Shortly after the war in Georgia, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly? Anatoly Serdyukov has launched a comprehensive restructuring of Russian. While Serdyukov’s military restructuring is only part of the 2020 years ago to re arm and reform the Russian army trilogy, the restructuring has so far been the most controversial of the reforms. In four years, the Russian army has abandoned many entrenched practices. Sharply reduced the number of officers in the Russian army from Soviet divisional organizational change for NATO brigade battle structure, the military education system were also fundamental adjustments. Russia suddenly annexation of Crimea and the Syrian military action, so that many experts claimed that Russian forces is a rally of modern war machine of stainless stainless which seems to be sure the Serdyukov’s practice. Some Chinese military critics have expressed admiration for Russia’s latest military reforms, and called for the Chinese people’s Liberation Army to take Russia’s military reform as a template. Such views, however, are not universal. National Defense University professor Wang Baofu said that in Ukraine or Syria, Russia is mostly used in the Soviet era weapons and technology. Layoffs and morale make Russia to brilliant military. But the Russians in a large extent is still a dependent to the obsolete weapons troops. Russia’s "East" and "western" series of large-scale military exercises, both inside and outside the sea to observe people left a deep impression, but in the Far East "Oriental 2014 exercises, exposed the Russian in the coordination and the lack of the long-standing problem of the modernization of military equipment. On the face of it, the PLA’s restructuring and military reform plan is in line with a number of key targets for Russia’s military restructuring not long ago. The two military strategists agree that in the integration of command and control within the framework of the formation of a rapid reaction force is the priority among priorities. Although China’s military experts believe that the U.S. military model to imitate the United States is not feasible in China or Russia, but the Western brigade command structure widely favored. Reported that the Chinese people’s Liberation Army embarked on an ambitious reform and restructuring of the road. Only the replacement of outdated equipment, a task, it will run through to 2020. Chinese earnest study.