7Qin Dongling first discovered large chariot pits or associated with MI months – Sohu news|Qin Dongling first discovered large chariot pits or associated with MI months – Sohu news

Qin tombs discovered for the first time in large pits of chariots and horses "or with MI month – Sohu News recently, biography of MI month hit TV drama, the Qin to empress dowager Xuan (historical records name for the MI, dubbed eight, TV drama Mi month with its prototype) story has aroused widespread concern in society. Yesterday, the provincial Archaeological Research Institute announced the Qin Dongling declared empress mausoleum, the latest archaeological excavations, which in the mausoleum of Empress Dowager Xuan discovered for the first time in large pits of chariots and horses, surprising is the also take security measures. Qin Dongling, cemetery discovered "yellow intestinal problem together" Associate Research Fellow, Institute of archaeology, Qin Dongling archaeological team leader Sun Weigang said Qin Dongling is one of the graves of Qin Shi Huang, in recent years through archaeological exploration, archaeologists finally find out the various cemetery were found eight Asian shaped tombs seat 3, "" shaped tombs four, "a shaped tombs. Among them, No. 1 cemetery were found two" sub "- shaped tombs, seven burial pits per seat shape around the tomb, there are a large number of construction sites and small tombs in the cemetery. It is understood, "sub" – shaped for Qin, after burial, "" shape of the king’s sons and concubines tombs. "A" glyph for the tombs of the imperial clan aristocracy and military secretary. In 2010 due to the cemetery, a "sub" – shaped tomb stolen, archaeologists later sent professional and technical personnel along the thief’s hole into 30 meters deep is the tomb chamber, and shot inside the tomb was stolen. According to the video shooting and entered the tomb of the comrades described tomb did not collapse thing 10-12 meters long, width 4 meters, about four meters high, a cemetery, a "sub" – shaped Tomb of the coffin chamber, coffin chamber timbers masonry of yellow bowel problems together, the coffin has been severely damaged and collapsed, video display, coffin chamber remaining a pottery cocoon shaped pot. After according to be recovered artifacts: a "eight years made lacquer wood pupil beans, three pieces of" official "Ming lacquer wood pupil bean seat, 7 48 cm long Chi dragon bamboo Si (modeling with bamboo), experts to determine the basic, No. a cemetery for the Qin King Zhaoxiang (TV series" Mi month biography "in MI month son to win millet) cemetery where. According to the scene, the tomb tomb "Huangchangticou" structure, a better condition. According to experts, "yellow intestinal problem together" is the ancient Chinese tomb of a burial ceremony, only kings and princes level can be used is a form of the ancient hierarchy. "Huangchangticou" is a pile of box shaped structure built by cypress, and later evolved into wooden Palace of the Earth. The so-called "yellow intestinal", namely yellow cypress heart, should be peeled cedar. The head of the wood, which is the head of the wood, is assembled together in a certain direction. Queen mother declared in the cemetery "pits of chariots and horses" and anti-theft function sun Weigang said after the archaeology exploration, they basically confirmed in the hills on the four "sub" – shaped tomb is the Empress Dowager Xuan tomb. Last year in the cemetery No.4, archaeological experts on a "shaped tombs belonging to the construction site and hidden pit excavations carried out, which for the first time in Qin tombs excavated a large pits of chariots and horses, said Sun Weigang, the excavation and pit reservoirs in the eastern ramp on the south side of the buried 3 cars wooden cars, each car with two horses. In particular, the bottom of the pit is the wooden car and the horse.