7Zhou Qi signed up for the NBA draft broker to clarify not sure to participate in sports – Peo|Zhou Qi signed up for the NBA draft broker to clarify not sure to participate in sports – Peo

Zhou Qi signed up for the NBA draft?   broker to clarify: not sure to participate in sports – People’s network original title: Zhou has decided to sign up for this year’s NBA draft? Brokers to clarify: has not yet been determined in Zhou Qiben season impressive Xinhua News Agency yesterday, the Titan Sports Weekly, the author revealed, current CBA the best young inside Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin, has decided to enroll in June of this year’s NBA draft. But not long after the news came out, Zhou’s agent to the morning news reporter, said Zhou Qi was not sure to participate in this year’s NBA draft. Wang Zhelin and Zhouqi has in recent years appeared on the CBA’s stage, had traveled to the United States participated in a sports brand basketball summit, especially wangzhelin in 21 minutes of playing time with 19 points, eight rebounds and 2 blocks, caused widespread concern in the American scout, and because of the outstanding performance in the CBA League and the national team, Chinese people regarded as "walking Great Wall" successor. Wang Zhelin although this season injuries long absence, but in his first three seasons were able to hand over the data points, 10 rebounds and CD20 +, Zhou Qi in his debut season was awarded the League blocks, this season so far is averaged with 17.9 points and 10 rebounds and the league’s highest 3.6 blocks shooting rate is as high as 68.67% (second in the League). The two gifted players inside, has not made a debut was the industry that is continuing after the Wang and Bateer and Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian and Sun Yue, most want to enter the NBA player in China, even the U.S. media also often talk about their and frequently in the draft online simulation on their sequence. According to reports, the Titan Sports Weekly, the two players with their respective economic team has started the preparatory work before the draft, which team wangzhelin decided let him in this year to participate in the NBA draft, mainly because "time constraints". Because according to NBA regulations, the players to participate in the draft, not more than 23 years of age, and was born in January 1994 Wang Zhelin this year is the last chance to participate in the draft. Although he can also be a free agent as a free agent and the identity of the NBA team, but it is learned that Wang Zhelin’s brokerage team still hope that he can enroll in the draft. So, although Wang Zhelin is not very optimistic about the U.S. media, but taking into account the urgency of the time, so his team has made a decision to let him participate in the draft. In contrast, Zhou Qi to participate in the draft is more sensational rumors, from a number of U.S. NBA draft site simulation predictions, as long as the week to enroll in the draft, in the first round was selected almost no suspense. Especially this year is considered to be the NBA draft Xiaonian, like Zhouqi conditions so good inside connection player, is likely to be elected to high clockwise. But soon, the week of the brokerage team gave a clear clarification. Zhou Qi’s brokerage team, a member of the main two people. One of the people living in the United States for many years, some resources in the United States basketball ring, after more than a year for the Zhou Qi foundation in the United states. In domestic Zhouqi responsible for handling affairs, is former basket company manager Ma Jie, have deep connections in the Chinese Basketball Association, in an interview with Ma Jie told reporters.