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8 year old girl 7 years ago missing his family every day and set the table hoping the back (Figure) Lei Qixian primary school photos Juwang Lei core tip and Sun Jinxiang were 42 years of age, who lives in the town of Nanyang City, Nanning Qingxiu district had a clever and beautiful, the daughter of ray Qixian. In May 12, 2009, only 8 years old daughter Lei Qixian disappeared after school in the afternoon, has been 7 years without hearing a word about. 7 years, Lei Juwang couple insisted every meal at the table put a pair of chopsticks, looking forward to her daughter as carrying bags into the house, coyly shouted: "Mom and Dad, I’m hungry!" Painful memories of 7 years ago, 8 year old daughter allegedly "Eminem" abducted Qixian Lei was born in May 4, 2001, grew up be clever and sensible cute, at the age of 7, was sent to Nanyang town center primary school. The thunder Juwang home from the primary school where her daughter is far away, so let her temporarily with my grandparents living together, go home every weekend. On May 12, 2009, the day coincides with the Nanyang Zhen wei. In the morning, mother Sun Jinxiang went to town to buy things in the Nanyang street market met her daughter asked her money to buy snacks, where’s the money? Lei Qixian said is "Eminem" to the. At that time, Sun Jinxiang thought her daughter said that a relative, he did not continue to ask. Unexpectedly, this let the traffickers take advantage of. Afterwards, according to ray Qixian parents, daughter in the afternoon, after school, routinely and several classmates on the way back to my grandpa’s home. The school is about 300 meters from the Nanyang street market, Lei Qixian went to the market to stop, said he will wait here for a person, let the students go ahead. So, ray Qixian grandparents until 18:30, still do not see granddaughter back, quickly notice the son daughter-in-law side to the police station, while driving around looking for motorcycle. In her classroom, Lei Juwang couple found a abnormal situation, daughter of textbooks and bag are gone. In addition to the weekend, the daughter every night after school put the textbook in the desk drawer. Lei Qixian classmates told them that in recent days, often with a middle-aged woman with long hair, wearing sunglasses, give the daughter to buy snacks to eat, this is probably the "eminem". Look back every meal for her family put on a pair of chopsticks since the disappearance of her daughter, father ray Juwang all day on a motorcycle went around looking for her everywhere posted missing, but also to the media for help, continuously published "without notice". However, in addition to receiving some that know the whereabouts of her daughter to "money" liar phone, Lei Juwang did not get any valuable clues. Lei Qixian aunt told reporters, because ray Qixian missing, 7 years, Lei Qixian grandparents cried all day, the people have changed, that is not fulfilling their duty of care, and deep remorse. In order to comfort his son daughter-in-law, grandma and grandpa moved from the town to the village where the son lives. In 7 years, the home every meal on the table to place a pair of chopsticks and an orange, because ray Qixian before the most like to eat orange. Mrs. Lei Juwang said, daughter Lei Qixian grew up singing and dancing, school teachers are very love her, that she will be admitted to art colleges.  相关的主题文章: