80The country foot careful! Love Iran last crazy lore 2 goal in stoppage time in sports Sohu|The country foot careful! Love Iran last crazy lore 2 goal in stoppage time in sports Sohu0

The country foot careful! Love Iran last crazy lore 2 goal in stoppage time in sports Sohu fourth minutes of stoppage time to break the deadlock, eleventh minutes of stoppage time into a ball to seal the victory! In the nearly 80 thousand people sitting in the stadium, Iran beat the team in the most brutal way. Since the Portuguese Carlos took over the helm, the Iran team has repeatedly staged "final crazy", Iran media said: Iran’s temperament has changed, with Qatar team, we will strive to Chinese streak! The Iran team and the Qatar team people sniff out a "decisive battle" flavor, the two teams on distinct characteristics. The Iran team focused on direct physical confrontation, intent on the momentum to overwhelm the opponent; Qatar team in this game is played fast and smooth, hope can bring down the opponent in the rhythm. Frankly speaking 85 minutes before the game, both sides almost no real scoring opportunities, although there is a good chance to score, but the two players are lack of footwork. However, less than the last minute of the football game, must not be lax, otherwise will be punished. Qatar’s last victory over the Iran team is to rely on Mohammed fifth minutes of stoppage time buzzer lore was thrilling to win 3-2. The game, Iran team with its own way to treat his body. The official match given 6 minutes of stoppage time, when up to fourth minutes, Qatar goalkeeper Amin a super team mistakes ruin 90 minutes of effort, he opened the door to the ball directly to the opponent, and the player Mohammed Ansari from France at the foot of the ball out, but just landed at the foot of Gu Channejad Gu Channejad, ball struck a low shot. At this time the Azadi stadium suddenly plunged into madness, and some fans even rushed to the scene began to celebrate. But for this goal, Qatar team definitely unwilling, some officials to referee the pressure. In fact, at the end of the first half, the Iran team’s coach has done this thing, they rushed to the scene directly asked Sri Lanka referee Parreira. Iran reporter said: the referee distracted, let the Iran team coach crazy. The "riot" and let the game suspended for a few minutes, but also makes the game further extended overtime. But even more surprising is that the Qatar team has not yet returned to God, the Iran team scored a goal, then the game time is 100 minutes XX seconds. At the end of the game, it was 101 minutes and 21 seconds. The Iran team in the fourth minutes of stoppage time opened the scoring in the eleventh minute of stoppage time to lock the victory. They will be ranked in Asia boss FIFA, and group A first name identity to Shenyang, Chinese confrontation with the team in the group phase in the second round. Since Carlos in the Iran team, the team finally scored the games very much. The 2014 World Cup second round game against Bahrain, they rely on Jia Barry in stoppage time goal third minutes away 1-1 draw opponents. In February 23, 2012 with the Jordan team’s warm-up match, Gazi scored second minutes of stoppage time to help the team 2-2 draw with rivals. 2014 World Cup fourth round of visits to Tashkent and Uzbekistan Guozhao, Harald Barry fourth minutes of stoppage time)