86Shenhua high-level within a week to finalize the China football coach coach|Shenhua high-level within a week to finalize the China football coach coach2

Shenhua high-level: within a week to finalize the China football coach coach MANSANO (map) morning news reporter Gan Hui 7 night in Shanghai in autumn, MANSANO a flight back to Spain on holiday. When he left for home before the agreement with Shenhua still on the issue of renewal. The marathon talks earlier this year, Shenhua signed a contract with Manzano 1+1. According to the provisions of the contract, in the team after the completion of the top three goals, will start the "+1" of the contract, if the final ranking of fourth to sixth, the two sides agreed to decide whether to renew the contract. Finally, Shenhua ranked fourth in the league. Shenhua ahead of two locked AFC Champions League qualification, the club also intends to contract with Manzano, but Manzano said in a press conference the next season, when the League after the end of talk. With the end of Changchun Yatai game, October 30th night at about 11:30, club chairman Wu Xiaohui and Manzano deal, launched for the first time to discuss. The discussion lasted till 1:30 a.m.. Over the next few days, the two sides also discussed a number of times, even in Kunming to participate in the Super League Awards ceremony, the two sides are still on the issue of formal communication contract. Manzano returned home the day before noon, Wu Xiaohui and lunch with the side of the side of the communication, while the side of the side of the communication between the two sides of the same side of the lunch, while the other side of the. Back and forth, both sides to renew communication time together for ten hours. Thus, the club renew Manzano’s sincerity. Why is it so hard to talk about the negotiations for a long period of time after the same season? There have been rumors that the two sides have not signed a contract, because Manzano put forward the requirements of excessive treatment. In fact, the money is not the difference between the two sides at present, the gap between the two sides is still in the concept of difference, which in a way also reflects the difference between Chinese football and European football. Since 3 years ago began to take over Shenhua, chairman Wu Xiaohui and his team, almost every moment with great enthusiasm into work. In their consciousness, is to continue to move forward, continue to accept the challenge, even with the team’s own strength, it is still difficult to complete, but they still have the courage to move forward. Wu Xiaohui said: over three years of Shenhua, feeling more and more football game is the "war", so every game to win, will make people anxious. Only take each game as there is no retreat, to become the first group of teams in the fierce competition in the super league. Therefore, we must give themselves higher requirements, to the higher requirements of the club. And from Europe, I think this is a job, this is a career. For example, this season Shenhua can get AFC Champions League in qualification, he seems to have very good results, because the Shenhua is not a strong team, originally strength at around 6. So, when obtain AFC Champions League qualification, we should celebrate it. There’s no right or wrong, it’s just a different idea. At this stage of Chinese football, high investment, high degree of concern, on the results of demanding, which has gone through the "primary.