88I was ill for 10 years self – exploration, led the whole family to fight anti sugar war – Sohu healt|I was ill for 10 years self – exploration, led the whole family to fight anti sugar war – Sohu healt2

I was ill for 10 years: self – exploration, led the whole family to fight anti – sugar – Sohu health, her name is Wang Suqin, aged 60. Diabetes has been the entire ten years. After many years of exploration and family support, and now all the indicators of the body are up to standard, blood pressure 11572, blood index (glycerol three fat, high-density lipoprotein, low-density, low density, 1.92) saccharification of 6.2 by the end of. Today, the insulin stopped, the drug reduced by half the amount, before the heart has a braided heart disease, often uncomfortable, and now there is no such phenomenon. I want to share my experience with more people. Diagnosis of diabetes: suicidal thoughts in 2006, weight in three months lost a dozen pounds, for I never entered the gate of the hospital, some really thought had cancer at a loss. Fasting blood glucose was 7.8, postprandial blood glucose was about $15.7, and the doctor diagnosed type two diabetes. Why should this irreversible disease go with me? It was really hard, depressed, just to see the serious menopause, all things are not pleasing to the eye, even had the idea of suicide. Pay attention to disease: exploring their diet tips for diabetes to understand what is going on, I bought two books, and constantly learn slowly through the network, to know the importance of diet on blood glucose control. So, I according to their own conditions in line with their own reasonable, nutritious diet plan. Can one day need heat standard, each exchange, the same amount of food how to collocation meals in the diet, so one day I heat 1 million 800 thousand calorie standard form. First of all, my standard heat per meal (500 to 550) distribution of thousands of calories, including intermediate snacks. Stick to seven or eight per meal. Breakfast: I want to adhere to the five one, a bag of milk, an egg, a small bag of oatmeal a 50 grams mixed with Steamed Buns autonomous surface, a plate of salad, varieties can be diversified. Winter should be changed into hot. Lunch: insist on more than half a catty of vegetables, 50 grams of protein, 100 grams of staple food, 100 grams of soy products, a Tuesday times fish to fish. As far as possible, vegetables can be eaten with steaming stew to eat, mainly to reduce the oil glut. A light dinner: mainly to vegetables, drink some nutritious soup, a staple in 1. I especially remember, oil and salt to use special spoon spoon, guaranteed not to exceed the standard. Six points before eating too late. Late to reduce heat, or blood sugar before going to bed. In addition to controlling calories, I have developed the habit of drinking enough water and exercising. Before drinking no attention, thirsty to drink a day, drinking less than 1000 ml, this habit is not good, long time caused by blood silk, blood pressure and blood sugar will be affected, so we need to develop the habit of drinking enough water will. 2000 ml or so suitable. I insist on doing aerobic exercise for half an hour to 1 hours every day for about 45 to 60 minutes. Walk around ten thousand steps. Sometimes brisk walking, sometimes dancing, aerobics, no matter what the form is to sweat out, especially in the winter can not sweat. Qin