88Peng Shuai everything is going in the positive direction will not retire in 2017|Peng Shuai everything is going in the positive direction will not retire in 20172

Peng Shuai: everything is moving in a positive direction in 2017 will not retire Peng Shuai sina sports news Beijing on August 31st news, due to injury after ten months out of Peng Shuai in return, failed to usher in a Grand Slam singles victory in the first person. In today’s us round she prior to win the first set of circumstances, by local players Lepp senchenko reversed, this victory failed to harvest their own want. Now everything is still in the positive direction, I can still play. There will be a loss of course, but at least I have a chance. Although prior to their special hope to win the first Grand Slam singles after the return of Henry, but now can only wait until next year." Peng Shuai was born in 1986 at the beginning of the occupation of tennis is being hailed by many as the genius girl, her world ranking first in 2004 January 17, 1002005 before the first into the top 50, August 8th rose to thirty-first, is the highest ranked player at the Chinese record. But injuries have become the biggest stumbling block Hunan occupation career woman, the most regrettable thing is Peng Shuaiyi 2014 us all the way through to reach the semi-finals, but because of serious physical overdraft cramps regret back injury, but she still set a personal highest ranking came to fourteenth. In 2015, while all the people looking forward to the Peng Shuai Li Na in the hands of the banner, suddenly to the waist injury but let her away from the game for 10 months. Although the race now Peng Shuai can rely on ranking protection directly into the high level event, but this is not a long-term solution, only through the victory to Peng Shuai to regain confidence, the peak period of the state. For the next plan, Peng Shuai said in an interview, "I must be on my own occupation career, have encountered many difficulties, but as long as the best, you will not regret it, anyway I’m certainly not going to retire in 2017." (Jco.H)