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HUAWEI: HUAWEI Mate 9 started getting "really tall?" – Sohu technology global shipments stability range top three market share after apple. This is the last year of HUAWEI terminal achievements. Shipments of more than 9 million units of P9 should be said to be HUAWEI so far this year, a high-end weapon. In fact, like Samsung’s "double flagship" strategy, HUAWEI in recent three years in the high-end market also has two production lines, in addition to the above mentioned P series, HUAWEI in the second half as well as a high-end large screen Mate series. After the strong performance of Mate 7, Mate 8, HUAWEI released the latest series of products – Mate, and today will be formally incorporated into the domestic product. Love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) at the press conference on the Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro two phones were quickly started. Face the screen, the screen virtual keys, three section type metal fuselage, rear fingerprint Mate 95.9 inch 1080p, which makes Mate in 9 when the first time started to give people the feeling and the Mate 8 is very similar. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is that Mate 8 has only one rear camera, and Mate 9 is the only one of the two. Of course, if carefully about the details, Mate 9 Mate 8 compared to a more significant upgrade is to screen the black side is reduced, which makes the Mate 9 machine size and 5.5 inch screen iPhone 7 Plus – 1mm has almost the same width, but also smaller length. In addition, although there is still three section type metal back cover, upper and lower parts of the non metal material, but the Mate 9 work than their previous or similar design of friends, significant progress, this also let Mate 9 on a lot of good texture. Mate 9 Pro to tell you the truth, I am in the field of Mate 9 experience can only be said to be "a little", because the vast majority of people’s eyes is one side of 9 Mate Pro attracted, I am no exception. Mate 9 Pro is a product specifically for HUAWEI launched in the country, in a sense, Mate 9 Pro can be seen as no Porsche Logo Mate Porsche 9 custom models. In the Mate 9 Porsche customized just released, many people Tucao said, HUAWEI released a Samsung Note 7". In fact, when I see the real machine, the new HUAWEI like Samsung Note 7, more like the Samsung S6 edge+, because the screen is not hyperbolic curvature Note 7 so big. At least Mate 9 Pro is so. The injection molding process, cover pre fingerprint recognition, 5.5 inch 2K Shuangbo