8Taiwan media exposure of the U.S. aircraft carrier nightmare approaching PLA 3 layer attack wave – S|Taiwan media exposure of the U.S. aircraft carrier nightmare approaching PLA 3 layer attack wave – S

The U.S. aircraft carrier nightmare come Taiwan media exposure of the people’s Liberation Army 3 layers of violent attack wave – Sohu Military Channel Map for the ongoing battle damage test of the "Roosevelt" nuclear aircraft carrier. There is also a E-2C early warning aircraft and a F-4 fighter aircraft. Reference News Network April 7 reported Taiwan media said the American generation stealth bombers b-21 is the U.S. is prepared to deal with the people’s Liberation Army "anti intervention area denial" strategy of the new weapon, the U.S. "national interest" magazine web site said, if the United States will b-21 bombers deployed to Hawaii, Alaska and Australia will enhance deterrence effectiveness. According to Taiwan "in Electronics News" website reported on April 7 said, according to the research report, a US think-tank, the people’s Liberation Army anti intervention system, with three short, medium and long range of distances to distinguish levels, now do in a range of different, each with a different weapon to perform combat missions, so the U.S. aircraft carrier in the Asia Pacific region will suffer a serious security threat. American think-tank, recently published called "Red Alert" report said, the people’s Liberation Army "anti intervention area denial" capabilities, through build anti-ship ballistic missiles, anti-ship cruise missiles, high performance aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced mine, submarine stealth, anti satellite weapons, cyber warfare etc., forcing the U. S. had to stay away from China or outside the range activity in these weapons, thus losing for China’s offshore crisis intervention capability. Reported that "area denial" is if it can not stop the U.S. free access to relevant waters, the power should be based on hysteresis us into, or through the harassment, reduce the operational efficiency of the U.S., and let us not be arbitrary run amok. The first is short-range systems, such as S-300 and -9 air defense missiles, Red Eagle -83 anti-ship missile defense weapon. Basic range at about 150 km, in shore based deployment control in coastal waters, and therefore belongs to the innermost is the last line of defense. Reported that, then the medium range system, such as all types of submarines, fighter – 10 and detonation 6-g K bombers and large surface warship launching anti-ship missile, such as Eagle hit 18 supersonic anti-ship missiles. The East China Sea and South China Sea and north to Japan, South to the Philippines, in its operational range, is the backbone of China’s entire combat, these weapons platform is the most appropriate combat radius is 1500 kilometers, just covering the first island chain. Therefore, it is American aircraft carriers, the most terrible storm center. Reported that, finally is that the remote system, including known as carrier killer df-21d and Dongfeng – 26 anti-ship ballistic missiles, and air launched Eagle – 12 missiles. China will be able to to the second island chain inside and outside and the bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea sea target precision strike, will eventually force the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group away from the waters around China and thus no longer poses a real threat.