8Taiwan police officers shot and killed the fugitive was sentenced to prosecution very appealing (Fig|Taiwan police officers shot and killed the fugitive was sentenced to prosecution very appealing (Fig

Taiwan police officer shot and killed a fugitive sentenced prosecution very appeal (Figure) – April 21, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported, Taoyuan City Police Bureau Yangmei branch officers Ye Jizhao wanted make shot to death sentenced Thursday, "attorney general" Yan and think, trial court will usually ask the defendant have things to statements, ye Ji also no statements condemning, program, in violation of laws and regulations, bring extraordinary appeal. In addition, Daiwa Ya Yan pointed out that the toxicant responses show Wen Chang Luo of the deceased before a drug addiction, the trial did not read the Forensic Institute of appraisal report, understanding the Luo, Wenchang was mental health, justice is necessary clarify leaves Ji count is in self-defense. Ye Ji declined to be interviewed, only through Facebook thanks, said regardless of final results, the case of superiors is quite full, believed to be the best backing of grassroots police, also let them can rest assured. Ye Ji last year stopped seized theft wanted Luo, Wenchang, toward the Luo leg firing three shots, resulting in Luo double lower limbs penetrating injury of ten wounds, died, leaves that suffered Luo car crash, according to police use regulations on the victim’s foot shot, non lethal parts; "the Supreme People’s court that Luo, Wenchang not armed, non aggressive behavior, ye Ji active duty without undue, but with a gun over necessary, sentenced to six months, can be a fine of 180000 yuan (NT, the same below) decide judicially determined. The case caused a public outcry; ye Ji refuses to accept the decision dizhuang claims of extraordinary appeal, "attorney general" Yan and that, when the court in the debate program flawed, and collecting evidence also has shortcomings, very much in line with the appeal elements, recently filed very appeal. Hong Kong Police Administration, said the police law enforcement, often have to intervene, ban, etc. as a mandatory, it is difficult to avoid conflict with the rights and interests of the people, as long as the administration according to law, in accordance with law enforcement powers, police administration will be behind. However, today’s public opinion rising, people use a magnifying glass to view, at any time may the negligence of police service charges, also reminded the police attention skills on duty, limits of authority and procedure, in particular, to really searching for evidence, to prepare for litigation can produce evidence to protect themselves. According to statistics, June 2011 to 2015, Taiwan because "police duty negligent" in the "national compensation" of up to 186 cases, including the use of police equipment causing casualties for 8, ye Ji case is one of the few again into the "state compensation dispute cases. Yan Dahe Ye Ji provided very appeal, get a lot of grassroots police praised, Taoyuan City Police Bureau yesterday (20) also issued three statements, except for the attorney general, the city police will ye Ji for hire the best lawyer cost by the police to defray, also hope to future judgment results, can let the police to be bold with a gun; peach police units of the police officers are on face book series, supports colleagues.