97Jiang Jieshi recalls the Xi’an incident if God chose me to lead China will protect my safety|Jiang Jieshi recalls the Xi’an incident if God chose me to lead China will protect my safety3

Jiang Jieshi recalled the incident in Xi’an: if God will protect me my leadership China security core tip: I (Jiang Jieshi) to sins, admits his own shortcomings, prayed and said, if God really choose to lead me to Chinese rescued, he will show, I will lead to road safety. Jiang Jieshi left Xi’an this paper from the data figure: people.com.cn, author: Hallett · Ben, the original title: American reporter exclusive coverage of the Xi’an incident: when Jiang Jieshi was imprisoned, read the "Bible" of my apartment in the Broadway Building (now the Shanghai Mansions) sixteen floor, above the street in Shanghai noisy. One night in December 1936, I was alone in the study. From the news point of view, the past few months have been rather dull and boring. About ten months ago, the central area of Tokyo had a mutiny, number of cabinet members were killed, caused a panic. Then the midsummer, China was once on the brink of war, but because of the sudden collapse of the southwest and escape case took on half of comedy. The future will no longer have the event, only see Japan in North China engaged in various One principle runs through it all., nefarious activities, and general Jiang Jieshi has repeatedly Chinese parade around, in order to enhance the unity of China. Currently, the commander in chief is in Shaanxi, Xi’an. It is located in the northwest of China, not far from the occupied area. Occupy Xi’an and the surrounding area is the remnants of the Northeast Army marshal Zhang Xueliang. There have been malicious rumors, marshal forces have been with the Red Army and the Communist Party of Xi’an act evilly in collusion with, according to a regular, truck and bus, transporting personnel and supplies. Rumor rumors, but has been unable to verify. Zhang Xueliang was banished from Manchuria, and then was expelled from the north, then to study, finally quit addiction for many years, and then returned Chinese. That said, this gentleman acting strange, for the order of Nanjing has always been the Communists, refusing to execute. I thought at the time, the rumor was not true, otherwise Jiang Jieshi would not rush into the territory of Zhang Xueliang. That night, I think, anyway, can not think of what news headlines, be good enough to be sent to New York. A note on the desk I casually turned in, found a memo about Chinese budget in customs taxes. A look at the time, only half past eight, looking for Song Ziwen to talk, it is not too late, he dialed his private number. The man who answered the phone was Song Ziwen’s male secretary. He said: "the text is not at home. He just got a call and went to Kong Xiangxi’s house." I suddenly remembered that the famous Australians Donald are in Shanghai, why don’t you find him. Mr. Zhang Xueliang, who was a consultant to Mr Jiang Jieshi, turned to be a consultant. He lives at the Parker Hotel (today’s Shanghai International Hotel). I dialed the phone and answered the phone. He said: "he was twenty minutes ago, and then got a phone call and went to Kong Xiangxi’s house…… I don’t know when he’ll be back. He was in a hurry, as if in a hurry." Madame Chiang was in Shanghai, live in their house in the French concession. Two days ago, I just drank tea there. I decided to give her a call. On the phone was her private secretary, a young English woman. I asked Madame Chiang is not in.