98Russell Taylor sing songs like that with Adu as before|Russell Taylor sing songs like that with Adu as before0

Russell Taylor sing songs like that with Adu as before the former years alongside sina sports news Beijing time on August 27th, according to U.S. media reports, the thunder team headed star Russell Westbrook is an American pop diva Taylor swift fans. Recently, Westbrook in social media humming a swift songs, he seemed to hint that the relationship between himself and the former gold partner Kevin Durant not to return to the past. Westbrook humming song is Taylor’s "We Are Never swift Ever Getting Back Together" (we will never get back together.). For Westbrook singing this song, we can have two kinds of interpretation. First of all, Westbrook is swift of loyal fans. He can sing the song in the car when the swift, but also had to visit the swift concert. But there is another way to understand: the reason why he chose to sing this song, he may be suggesting that the relationship with the former gold partner Durant – we can not return to the past relationship. In July this year, became the free player Durant decided to leave the thunder, and switch to the warriors. According to Wei Min revealed that since Durant made this decision, they have not been a good pass through, and Durant just gave Wei Wei sent a text message, and told him his decision. Earlier, Durant said in an interview that he and the relationship between the less likely to be the same as in the past. And Westbrook before social media asked Durant decided to choose a laugh, fall into a reverie. (Rosen)