9The swimming team sent experts to help Sun Yang with the Chinese medicine treatment or physiotherapy|The swimming team sent experts to help Sun Yang with the Chinese medicine treatment or physiotherapy

Swimming team sent experts to help Sun Yang treatment or using Gan Hui local time on January 29, as traditional Chinese medicine dressing therapy detumescence sunyang morning news reporter, is Australia’s gold coast of training sunyang training in the right foot of the fifth metatarsal fracture, it is estimated to be 6 weeks to heal. At present, the swimming team ready to send an expert team to Australia, to help restore the recovery of Sun Yang. 29, 6 in the morning, Sun Yang in the strength of the room for physical strength training. Under the guidance of the fitness coach, Sun Yang picked up a solid ball, ready to start before and after the reverse jump training. A group of jump training to the end, Sun Yang in the leg a soft landing on the ground directly, right foot sprain. A sound of "Ga Bang" sound, Sun Yang instantly clutching his right ankle, the expression of pain lying on the ground. 20 minutes after the ice, Sun Yang’s foot and ankle are swelling up, feet accompanied by congestion phenomenon. Then the hospital shooting confirmed Sun Yang as the fifth metatarsal in his right foot fracture. In preparing for the Olympic Games, the key stage of fracture, which is not a small blow. Sun doesn’t want to delay training because of injury, so he repeatedly consult the doctor, "foot can not move, but my body whether can also make some exercises?" Fortunately, did not occur in the dislocation of the bones and rotation, so after a week or two can water training,, of course, completely recovery requires one to two months. In order to ensure that Sun Yang quickly recovered, the swimming team has been and experts to discuss the treatment of Sun Yang’s injury. According to the swimming team of scientific research group Lu Yifan said, "for fracture, western medicine is only one way, that is a fixed, we respect Australian doctors cure, but we will also add some therapeutic methods of TCM, including some medicine for external application, our team and physiotherapists next week will be rushed to Australia, by way of physiotherapy were local swelling and pain, to promote local blood circulation to speed up recovery." Sun Yang’s injury will affect to his Olympic gold medal? In this regard, Lu Yifan gives a clear answer: "the Olympic Games will not have an impact on the results, Sun Yang is still our first important gold medal athletes."