9War Beikong Tongxi looking first win away to find Weaver three point touch|War Beikong Tongxi looking first win away to find Weaver three point touch

War Beikong Tongxi looking away victory in the first weaver to find three touch weaver to find three-point touch tonight, CBA League continued, from New Year’s day began to triple passenger trip Tongxi came to the second station — Beijing against becom. A game lost to Shanxi, let Tongxi fans waiting for the away victory in the first postpone again, against Beikong overwhelmed, they expect to get a victory. Also Tongxi old Kamlani is currently Beikong foreign aid, in the face of the old master, he will have what kind of performance is also a big attraction. Weaver on a game three point ball hit rate is not high, the game is looking to regain the feel. Modern Express reporter Wang Wei Tong Xi to learn to play ball away look forward to take Beijing Beikong 2016 New Year’s day, Tongxi opened the triple passenger trip, new year’s day that day against competition of Shanxi, Tongxi lost more than ten minutes, let the fans desperate for a first away win but also pushed back. Against the Shanxi, fans on the website said, looking forward to Tongxi take Shanxi to New Year gift to the fans a first win on the road. After all this season, the seventh round, first leg against the Shanxi game is Weaver lifts a ban resurfaces days, Tongxi 107 than 92 victory over the opponent. But this did not achieve Tongxi fans desire. After the game, Tongxi also in the team rushed to the train for Beijing are summarized: "the overall strength of the Shanxi is actually very good, high level of domestic players — Zhang Xuewen and original handsome performance are good, we restrictions on them is not enough. Also compared with the first leg, Shanxi team has also had some changes, to replace the big foreign aid, invited Samuel Dalembert, now two foreign aids can be said is the top of CBA foreign aid, before the game to their understanding and deployment is not enough, therefore has not been able to from Shanxi get victory. " But they did not escape responsibility: "in addition, we played well, the players will not play the game, the ability to adapt to the need to strengthen, to learn to play away ball." Pick down against Beijing Beikong, Tongxi team leader also said will do the full impact of victory, for a first away win for the fans. In addition, Tongxi against Beikong there is a big surprise, is Beikong foreign aid Kamlani, once in the last season in tongxi. Kamlani is known as one of Asia’s top five point guard, is the main force of the Iran men’s basketball team. In the race against Cartier Beikong shortly before, Kamlani also has a excellent performance, help the Beikong to win the game victory. This time the face of the old lord, Kamlani do not know what kind of performance. Weaver to find the three ball feel more involved in team defense last summer, Weaver joined with xi. Although the top "suspended six games" punishment, but Tongxi will not hesitate to hire Weaver. Went to the Tong Xi, Weaver’s role is also very obvious season so far, the field scores over 30 help Tongxi won many games victory, but also to become the team of weaver’s leading scorer. Prior to Xinjiang’s game against, Weaver single game scored 40 points, to help the team win the CBA promoted since the ambition of victory, the fans in the audience is shouting: "Wei Eph! MVP!" After the game Tongxi coach Xu Qiang said: "very full"