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A Changzhou man was bitten by the dog did not own rabies vaccine killed the Modern Express News (reporter Ge Xiaolin) in October 10th, a Jintan man was his dog out, not too easy, no time to fight rabies vaccine, the results unfortunately caught, was killed on rabies. Modern Express reporter learned that the deceased Mr. Gong is Jintan people, 47 years old this year, a year ago the home raises a dog. For the gentle, plus it is captive, so Mr. Gong has not given dog rabies vaccine. In August 13th this year, the dog suddenly attacked Mr. Gong’s son-in-law, fortunately just chewed up clothes. Unexpectedly, after two days, the dog to bite the hand of Mr. gong. At that time, Mr. Gong’s hand is broken skin, Mr. Gong see the wound did not bleed, do not feel tight, not to fight rabies vaccine, but at home, wash the wound. A month later, in October 6th, Mr. Gong ate some expired moon cake appeared in October 7th, the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. The family that he started to just eat a bad stomach, then did not think Mr. Gong spirit began to appear abnormal, always sneer. Then the family sent him to the hospital. In October 10th 3 in the morning, Mr. Gong for rabies, died. At present, the success rate of animal vaccination in the world is 98%. If someone accidentally scratched their own cat or dog bites, wounds were pet lick, must be timely treatment, prevent the occurrence of rabies. Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. After the adoption of stray dogs were bitten by a woman died of rabies相关的主题文章: