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A couple to the judge will put pressure on the court man detained daughter Lien – Beijing newspaper in Shanghai on 26 October, (Chen Weifeng Zheng Gang China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Wang Yejie) said that the child is a parent’s heartstrings, but to live in the Shanghai Pudong Kang couples, the house seems to be more important. Due to the relocation of housing property dissatisfied with the judgment, in order to regain the house and to compensate the Kang couples in others instigation, the 11 month old daughter threw in the court of the executive board, said "do not live in the house, let the court raise children", in order to put pressure on the implementation of the judge. Recently, Shanghai City People’s Court of Pudong New Area (hereinafter referred to as the "Pudong court") a couple of ginger made the decision, execution of judicial Kang was detained for fifteen days, the wife of Wang Kang in lactation from detention, to criticism and repentance. Jiang Mouyuan lives in Shanghai Hongkou District, in 90s, he worked with the outside Shanghai Liu married. In 2011, along with the old city transformation, a family living room husband Jiang 844000, assigned to the three sets of 844000 housing in Pudong and hundreds of thousands of yuan of resettlement. They divorced in 2014. Later, Liu filed a lawsuit for the corresponding property division of household division. After the court of Pudong, three sets of resettlement housing in a set of Liu all, at the same time, Liu should pay compensation to Jiang, such as more than 40 yuan. Jiang refused to accept the appeal, upheld the conviction. After the court decision, Kang refused to move out of the house, which marries Wang for his wife, and at the end of last year gave birth to a daughter round (a pseudonym). In order to recover the house, Liu Jiang Mou helpless again prosecution, asked to move out of the house, to apply for housing transfer procedures and compensation for loss of property and rent, Pudong court to support her claim. After the entry into force of the judgment, Jiang refused to move out for various reasons. Liu apply to the court for enforcement. The judge Gu Yue considering ginger forecasts of young children, did not immediately take coercive measures, but repeatedly come to do the work. But even so, ginger still refused to move out of contact. Liu did not see the slightest move away from the meaning, while he was out on the occasion of Liu, the organization of relatives to recover the house. That house was a big ex-wife back, ginger is unsatisfactory, the couple took only 11 month old daughter came to the executive board, demanding the house back to the judge, and let the other side to increase the amount of compensation. After that, the couple did not meet the requirements of ginger, the daughter threw a U-turn and left, and threatened not to live in the house, let the court to raise children". In this regard, the Pudong Court Executive Bureau launched the emergency response mechanism, will be rounded to a temporary caretaker, and ordered a couple came to the court to accept treatment. Two people have also realized that had made a big mistake, quickly rushed to the executive board. In the face of legal sanctions, the couple said repentance for their reckless behavior, and accepted the court’s verdict, will cooperate with each other for housing transfer procedures. According to the Pudong court of the executive secretary Wang Zhigen introduced in recent years, part of the debtor refuses to perform or to vent discontent, the minors and the elderly on court cases have occurred, in an attempt to.相关的主题文章: