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A hardship, how to improve the quality of sperm, fast pregnant? Mother and daughter of the original welcome to share the forwarding of the Sohu, media reprint please contact the author! The doctor about dove, pregnant pregnant time, it is best to a solution. Otherwise, the preparation of a long time pregnant, two people are very easy to numb. In particular, men are generally very poor patience. If he were estimated one or two months pregnant still survive, if you let him prepare pregnant half a year, his own estimates have the heart to die. Since a long time pregnant is not a good thing, then how to get it as soon as possible is what we have to consider. How can you get pregnant as soon as possible? In addition to the calculation of ovulation, more important sperm quality. Sperm quality is good enough to ensure the success rate of pregnancy. Daily life is very important: to strengthen physical exercise: men, whether it is too fat, or too thin will directly affect the quality of sperm. Strengthen physical exercise, weight control to improve the quality of sperm. Exercise should be moderate, not excessive exercise, otherwise, it will destroy the living environment of sperm. Smoking and drinking alcohol is: many men love the most. However, tobacco harm to sperm is also known as. Prepare pregnant time, still need to stay away from alcohol. In the preparation of at least 3 months before pregnancy, alcohol and tobacco to quit. Say no to the anesthetic: anesthetics act directly on the body’s nervous system, and the effect lasts for a long time. Therefore, men must avoid the use of anesthetics during pregnancy. Some ingredients: Bubu Oysters: is not seen outside the food stalls selling the most is the oyster, which is a reason. Oysters contribute to the formation of the male hormone, for men with unspeakable beauty. The best effect of raw oysters, but in view of the current domestic environment, recommend the best treatment after eating. In addition, sea cucumber, sea urchins, shellfish seafood is a good choice. Mutton: people often put mutton and ginseng in the same breath, because it has a very good temperature, physical effect. Mutton not only nutritious, but also contains trace of sex hormone, has aphrodisiac effect. However, the lamb and tea, vinegar can not be consumed at the same time, will reduce the effect of lamb. Quail egg, quail egg although small, but very good, tonifying Qi of the kidney strong waist and knee function. If you eat regularly, can enhance the desire of men, improve energy, is a good tonic jiapin. Leek, ginger and garlic, the household food is not to say, anyway, you know. Hey ~ ~ if you want to improve the quality of sperm, the first is to improve the husband’s sexual desire". Prepare pregnant, not a short duration of time can be successful. If you really want an early pregnancy, calculated ovulation, ready to "public", elected to the position, you will come back to my. The original article, shall not be reproduced without authorization, child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章: