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To the LPL team a letter: S6, please don’t fight for salvation dear EDG, RNG and IM: congratulations on your promotion to the S6 world finals! For the players, coaches, managers and all the staff, this is your best reward for a year. For your fans, to see you on the world’s highest stage, but also the best way for them to adhere to the return. In the face of the upcoming war, at this time you have no time to indulge in joy. In the ten digital LPL expedition will represent North American soldiers, some already know that silence and effort is a veteran in battle, victory; others like full-fledged birds, waiting to fly on stage at S6. However, whether it is the hearts of fans, or you may remember, once the LPL team suffered a disastrous defeat, remember LPL in Paris and London, leaving the tears of sorrow. How much do you have in your mind? After the lesson, the car master — from the lessons learned in the past failures and improve themselves, is the contestant must know the truth. But in your achievements and worry about the future of the occasion, please allow me, on behalf of the true heart of LPL the audience Chinese, admonition sentence: each session of the S series is a new journey. LPL, please don’t fight for salvation. IM miracle tour after the promotion of S6, AJ excited release (Figure: a village) do not make the "we" the burden of becoming a burden on you, October 17, 2015, London, england. EDG 0-3 lost to European ace FNC, the last LPL team to leave the S5 arena. After X days, the other two teams from the LPL division, in the group phase will bid farewell to the Senna River in france. In 2015, LPL introduced an unprecedented number of strong Korean aid. EDG won season tournament of Champions League, the future looks very bright. We need a hitherto unknown trophy to prove all paid by the division of money, time, effort, waiting…… Are worthy of two words. The blue and white porcelain ink to blue Brussels stage, there was despair LPL all. The promise of a "I will hit not move until, at that time is more like a prophecy: behind the extremely elegant and valuable insist, it seems like a ton output capacity slowly waiting. Since then, the taste has changed. In January, LPL is no longer for us to fight for the title, but in the pursuit of the past, the failure of the redemption". IEM from San Jose to Cologne, from Katowice to Shanghai zhongsai season – though QG and RNG are the first station on the international arena stage, carrying on their shoulders but not for fresh blood expectations, but "compensation" LPL the burden of past failures. The stars explode when they expand, and then all that remains becomes a dull, heavy neutron star. As spectators, spectators, critical players in the game, we began to predict and hope to measure carefully. The failure of S5 is inseparable like ghosts, in one year we will continue to awaken from a dream; once – quickly e相关的主题文章: