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A man and five women after Hot pot are reluctant to give money: the clerk in the streets chasing new mutually making excuses – Network 6 people ate 370 yuan to pay, finally left the man onto the second days payment six Chongqing morning news last night, a Hot pot shop in the Yanghe River Jiangbei Road, 6 people to eat but are unwilling to pay Hot pot. 5 of them have left the shop, the rest of the people made the clerks dumbfounding, and eventually alarm. In the police station after a night sleep, the man finally paid 370 yuan for the meal. A man and five women are not willing to pay this hot pot shop is located in the Yanghe River road and the Yanghe River road intersection. Yesterday, the store surveillance video display, eat Hot pot is a male and five female, are young people, more than 7 points in the shop, dinner, drank 8 bottles of beer. "At 9:45 in the evening, the man said he wanted to settle the bill, but we didn’t want to pay the bill." Captain Lee told their total consumption of 370 yuan, see this group of people she had to hold a mutually making excuses, temporarily left the bill. 9:59, 4 women got up, in the hot pot shop stood outside the station for one or two minutes, the first to leave the first woman, the remaining two people are waiting for another woman out of the shop, but also left. At this time, Hot pot shop only that man wearing a white short sleeved pants, black men. He has been playing down the phone, after about 3 minutes to get up. 10 points to 03 points, he went to the checkout for several seconds, then left the Hot pot shop. After the clerk did not go out to chase the clerk immediately go out, then the man began to call, it seems to be asked to eat hot pot with friends where to go. After hanging up the phone, the clerk reminded him to pay the bill, but the man said, "it’s over."". Followed by the clerk, said it did not record the bill, the man was to check the bill, and said he could not move, so that the clerk went back to get. Worried that he ran away, the clerk contacted the foreman to the gentleman, so that the bill came to the man, but the man is still reluctant to pay. "We went to the nine street, and he always said that his friend had bought a single." But, a few assistants to find the manager Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang told him if you do not pay the money to the clerk to compensate, I hope he can understand, but the man still insists that the friends have to pay. "You gave me so many bodyguards and made me feel like a star." In the face of numerous assistants, the man was not happy. Ms. Wang had to call the police. Sleep the night before finally admit the police came to the scene to understand the situation, the man has proposed to pay the invoice. Invoice sent, he was not happy: "to pay for it, but you are all around me, when I was a prisoner, you have to apologize to me." Ms. Wang refused, and told him to eat should pay. Subsequently, the two sides came to the police station, the man is still unwilling to give money directly to sleep in the mediation room. Stay on the spot. 7 points yesterday, the man woke up, still refused to pay. One would say that mobile phone has no electricity, should go to the charging place; while said hungry, want to eat Rice porridge…… Early in the morning and rushed to the manager Wang stopped a taxi to leave the man, and tell the taxi driver the two sides dispute, can not go. Four cars were stopped.相关的主题文章: