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A man drowned reservoir family claims 600 thousand yuan comic knowing that they can not swim, but still water and friends. This summer, 23 year old man in Weiyuan (micro-blog) Wang in the mouth of the Weiyuan River in the reservoir when bathing unfortunately drowned. After the incident, his parents will be the Weiyuan River Estuary reservoir management and Weiyuan County Water Authority together on the court, requiring the defendant to take responsibility for the two son drowning incident. Should the reservoir management be responsible? Recently, Weiyuan County People’s court hearing of the case. The plaintiff’s management department did not fulfill the obligation of safety management this summer, the 23 year old man surnamed Wang in Weiyuan, Weiyuan reservoir in the bath when the unfortunate drowning. In August, Wang parents lost son, said the prosecution to the court in July 20th this year, the son of Wang and their four friends to play in the town of Weiyuan County, the town of West River reservoir, because there is no management personnel at the scene management, also did not set any "No swimming", "deep water" and other safety warning signs, and see there are other people swimming in the reservoir, the reservoir is clear, resulting in five people mistakenly think that the water is very shallow, the water bath is not in danger, the Wang accidentally drowned. The plaintiff that the defendant did not set up enough to cause pedestrians pay attention to warning signs in the dangerous source; not advance in highly dangerous environment of Lake set of life-saving equipment, not to eliminate dangerous duty with guardrail barrier isolation of tourists, and also failed to fulfill security personnel management obligations, there is no active safety rescue afterwards the. Therefore, the two defendants in the case of the existence of major fault. To this end, the requirements of the two defendants in accordance with the relevant provisions of the tort liability law of People’s Republic of China bear the responsibility to compensate the plaintiff for death compensation, funeral expenses and other expenses of nearly $600 thousand. The defendant has the full capacity of the deceased, the fault lies in his trial, the two defendants have said they should not be liable for damages. The management of the reservoir by the defendant, the reservoir for the first class of drinking water source protection area, in order to protect the water from pollution, the reservoir area is prohibited swimming. The management of the reservoir area within the scope of the establishment of a number of "forbidden to swim," the prohibition of signs, has done to set the ban on the obligation to sign. Secondly, the management responsibilities of the management of the reservoir project, the daily management of facilities, maintenance and monitoring of the behavior of the behavior of the reservoir can not be determined in the rescue. Management believes that the deceased Wang as a full civil capacity, in knowing that he can not swim in the case, still swimming in the reservoir area, causing drowning death, the fault lies in their own. In the trial, reservoir management has also filed a "certificate of legal institutions", Wang et al for the road map, the town west station "note", no swimming broadcast content, reservoir patrol inspection records and other evidence to prove the mouth of the reservoir is not a commercial entertainment, as well as to management reasonable warning obligation. The county water authority believes that the county water authority on the reservoir management just administration, neither factual basis nor legal basis should bear the responsibility, and the cause of its death. County water authority is not the case of the defendant. To this end, the county water authority also submitted to the court of Weiyuan County Office and the Weiyuan County Organization Committee issued the relevant documents to prove the estuary.相关的主题文章: