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Chinese a new generation of stealth fighter 20 fighters will debut in Zhuhai Zhuhai Guangzhou daily news (reporter Chen Zhijia) in the   fans eagerly looked forward to the f -20, this is really coming. Yesterday, Chinese air force spokesman Shen China announced that the air force test pilot driving f -20 in the air show flight display, it will be China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter for the first time, will undoubtedly be the most dazzling star of the show. The -20 will be the most dazzling star of the show. (picture) transport aircraft -20 Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Xuyang photo "swift" Russian aerobatic team sent 6 MIG -29 in Zhuhai air show. Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Xuyang photo with the air show near, the -20 are involved with the attention of the public every act and every move. Recently, careful users photographed suspected fighters -20 flight pictures, online news that -20 has a base fighters flew to Guangzhou, may the final preparations for the show. Previously, Chinese aviation industry group announced news that the show will highlight, to create "20 series of concepts". So in addition to the previous speculation, has unveiled the -20 large aircraft, domestic fighter -20 fighter, straight -20 helicopter will debut in Zhuhai. According to public information, the -20 is China industrial group company Chinese flying into the people’s Liberation Army developed a fifth generation (using the international division standard of the five generation fighter) double heavy stealth fighter, used to replace the f -10, -11 and four generation air superiority fighter. The aircraft in the future will assume China’s sovereignty over the air and sea maintenance tasks. At present, the aircraft has entered the mass production and trial run in stages, is expected to be officially in service in 2017, and gradually form a strong fighting force in around 2020. Annihilates -20 annihilates -20 using a single seat, twin engine, all moving tail, DSI double drum kit inlet, duck type pneumatic canard with pointed arch edge dynamic layout. Head, body shaped, vertical tail outward tilt, landing gear doors for serrated edge design, to highlight the silver coating body (prototype deep ink). The side pod with innovative structure, can be closed in advance of missile launching pylon outside, also equipped with a new type of air China domestic most advanced air-to-air missiles. Transport -20 for the first time in close contact with the audience the last airshow debut already shipped -20 large transport aircraft has arrived in Zhuhai. China air force spokesman Shen yesterday confirmed that the airshow, -20 transport aircraft in flight shows at the same time will be the first time for public static display. The last airshow, -20 although the flight display, but not close to the public as a static display. In addition, the air force to detonation -6K, China air marshals -500 annihilates -10B, -9, -10K and other direct transport aircraft, for the public static display. During the show, air force will stunt flying. No MIG -29 aerial somersault landing Zhuhai Guangzhou daily news (reporter Chen Zhijia     correspondent Zhong Fan photo coverage) 6相关的主题文章: