A red Ferrari also appeared in Shanghai Ningbo Xi’an two fake checked (video)-jessica rabbit

A red Ferrari also appeared in Shanghai Ningbo Xi’an two fake checked the afternoon of September 22nd, a red Ferrari car by the Shanghai traffic police detachment maneuver seized in Shanghai city Shanxi Road 88 get a residential parking lot, the car deck, the driver will be deducted 12 points, fined 5000 yuan, face detention for 15 days at the same time. In the morning, Shanghai traffic police detachment maneuver by the Ningbo police report, ART458 grade for the red Ferrari car at the same time have a running track in Ningbo, Xi’an and Shanghai three, the car may be suspected of false deck and smuggling. In the afternoon, the Shanghai and Ningbo police joint action, respectively, this plate hanging red Ferrari car seized two vehicles. Shanghai Traffic Police Corps detachment received a report after the line, through the background of big data comparison, found in Shanghai, driving the car in the afternoon of September 16th to enter the Ferrari city environment. After 4 hours of investigation row touch, 22, when the Traffic Police Corps detachment in the North Road, Shanxi, Lane Lane, a small area of the suspect vehicle and the driver on the spot seized 88. Reporters on the scene saw the red Ferrari car 458 car front windshield glass assembly do not match the vehicle identification number and the rear engine within the police detachment maneuver told reporters that the identification number of each Ferrari and assembly are corresponding. In addition, the vehicle identification number of the font is not consistent with the real car. When the police asked whether the driver of the vehicle driver Hu opened the car, Hu excuse, this car is his friend back in September 16th from Shenzhen, then, are driven by his friends. But the police to grasp the information displayed Hu repeatedly driving the car in the vicinity of Shanxi North Road, asked the district property property staff also told reporters that Hu had repeatedly seen the car driving in and out of the district. The police through the big data collision ratio, found the license plate of the 3 car, the same time in different locations in driving. So the three police also dispatched the Shanghai Ningbo have seized the vehicle deck. The car has been withheld, the driver Hu has been handed over to the Jingan police. Hu suspected of using forged license plate, will be fined 12 points and fined 5000 yuan, face detention for 15 days at the same time. In addition, the local traffic police department will also carry out further verification of the source of the vehicle, etc.. "" "" Shanghai recommended today in Shanghai today cloudy and highest temperature 27 body feeling very comfortable to travel the Shanghai subway hangtou parking lot construction of city talent apartment complex layout car parked on the ring road street requirements directly questioned cited Michelin tire lock secret "Tai’an Yixing" suspected unlicensed responded that is for Shanghai: downtown flagship store "selling counterfeit police in one fell swoop destroyed 60 gangs" "" billion yuan of investment, looking for the change of knowledge open with your Shanghai "twin" Martha Lahti detained the owner (the accidentaly across the deck for finger extension), at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: