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A social security card note the following circumstances may make you bankrupt! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: CCTV financial public No. recently, successive introduction of a number of new policies on social security, when people digest the new policy in understanding at the same time, some crooks are also playing the social security idea about social security fraud spate. Recently, many people have received such telephone fraud, crooks posing as related departments to your social security card, "abnormal" your social security card stolen in different places "or" your social security card is suspended "name, ask the public by providing personal information or direct transfer, a lot of people almost deceived. One trick: send SMS request callback phone fraud in order to receive social security subsidies in the name of the insured to send SMS fraud, the temptation to call the so-called "social security institutions" phone fraud in the interpretation of a series of "social policy", lured the insured personal identity information and bank card information, the implementation of fraud. Tips: do not click or call the unknown links and phone calls. Where received such good news, you can call the service hotline 12333 to verify at any time, or you can go to the nearest social security service center to ask. Trick two: Notice of your social security account is frozen to the social security card (Medicare card) arrears are frozen under the pretext of asking for personal information and other related content, lure insured using automated teller machines remittance fraud. Tips: social security agencies will not call you to provide personal information, but also can not be transferred to a special account in the way, so that the freeze of the social security account thaw. Continued payment of premiums only through the official window, or the deposit premium to the insured person own bank account, and then commissioned bank automatic withholding. Trick three: "preferential policies" staff bait crooks posing as social security institutions, to "preferential" insurance policy in the name of the insured lured by telephone for social security card preferential, by bank transfer to apply for social security card in the name of the implementation of fraud. Tips: apply for social security card I need to carry the relevant materials to the social security agencies. Social security departments will not be carried out by way of social security card. Trick four: Forged false documents fraud under the guise of social security agencies, issued false documents to the units and individuals, to the social security fund account to change the name, requirements of the insured units and individuals pay social security fees directly to transfer funds to a bank account fraud. Prevention tips: the new policy of social security will be by the local government, unified released, received a similar request transfer document or notice, should call the service hotline 12333 to verify, or nearest to the social security agencies and consulting, check. Police tips should receive a social security subsidies, social security card stolen brush, social security card account freeze……" Such as telephone message notice must be vigilant, strengthen the awareness of prevention, to avoid personal loss. The new version of the social security card bank相关的主题文章: