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Jewelry-Diamonds Most women have at least a couple of pieces of silver or gold jewellery in their trinket boxes and now a new trend has been quickly catching on over the past few years i.e. stainless steel jewellery. Both men and womens jewellery makers are now producing collections in stainless steel and for good reason. Affordable and easy to wear stainless steel is undoubtedly the new emerging jewellery trend. If you tend to lean toward picking up silver, white gold or platinum jewellery, stainless steel jewellery is a great option to diversify your collection. Casual pieces like small earrings, rings and dainty necklaces in this metal are not only easy to incorporate into your day to day wardrobe but are also affordable enough to try experimental pieces. Its a great option when you want to gift a piece that has the same appeal as silver jewellery but dont want to bust your budget too much. Womens rings, pendants, bracelets etc. in this metal are not only a fashionable option but a really safe bet in terms of gift giving. If you need a respite from brightly coloured stone or bead jewellery, subtle plain or crystal encrusted stainless steel baubles is such an easy option. The colour of this versatile metal goes with everything from deep, jewel tones to light and airy pastels. Match it with a silver or gun-metal toned purse or shoes and you are pretty much set to go! The colour of stainless steel jewellery is ideal for the rocker chic or grunge style but still refined enough for delicate, elegant pieces that are timeless. They are definitely timeless in more ways than one, because stainless steel jewellery is extremely long lasting and durable. It doesnt dull for a really long time or tarnish easily and you dont have to worry about rust. One of the best things about stainless steel is that it is hypoallergenic! So if you are allergic to gold or silver jewellery, this is perfect for you. Also unlike gold and silver jewellery, it requires very little care and you dont even have to take it off in the shower. Just a little polishing and it will be back to its original brand new sparkle. Thanks to the easy workability, durability and affordability of this metal, stainless steel jewellery designers all over the world have turned to stainless steel to fashion new and unique jewellery pieces. There are tons of options to choose from, from funky, innovative designs to classic designs that will last you a long, long time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: