A woman behind a successful man is not a wife or a mother vidalia

A successful man behind the woman is not his wife is the mother of British tennis prodigy Murray’s mother often photographed by reporters in the stands for the game in the fist arm, son cheering. German researchers believe that the mother’s incentive to spur more men to step by step to the success of animal studies, as the saying goes, there is a great woman behind every successful man. German researchers believe that the woman is more likely to be a mother rather than a wife or lover, the mother’s incentive to spur more men to move towards success. Successful males more support by his mother Marx · Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology researchers observe the Japanese chimpanzee group after the discovery, and human beings, the success of chimpanzee more attractive to female male. The orangutan population is distinct, and if the male is to be successful, it is necessary to defeat a high rank companion, or a one to one, or form an alliance to expel a strong competitor. The researchers found that those who win the duel victory male chimpanzee by his mother, their mother had one thing in common: strong character, dynamic performance. The mothers intended to increase the number of offspring researchers also found a "high toughness" mother male pygmy chimpanzee not only position in the group, and more successful experience. The British "Daily Mail" quoted in September 2nd, one of the researchers Martin · Subek said: "chimpanzee does not support chimpanzee male female without any cause or reason those irrelevant." Subek said that this support behind the "mother" motivation, "with the help of their son, the number can increase their grandchildren". The results of this study have been published in the Journal of the Royal Society of biological sciences. The study found that the parent-child relationship determines the future of the child’s love of the mother is the child’s first school. In addition to promoting the success of his son, the mother child relationship also affects the relationship between the children grow up. The results of a study published in July by researchers in the United States, the researchers said, the closer the relationship between a person and his mother is when he is a teenager, the more likely he is to get along with her lover, and be more satisfied with the relationship. The United States State Montclair University researchers constanse · Kaij said, parent-child relationship is very important, it determines adult children can have a successful relationship, parents are the child’s example, if children and parents are not too close, they are unlikely to follow adult positive aspects in the parent child relationship. Maternal love helps fight stress, and maternal love can also help fight adult stress. Researchers at the Duke University School of Medicine found in the United States, have a lot of maternal infant, adult showed less nervous symptoms, and compared with the mother indifference between children, get a lot of motherly love children especially easy anxiety. The more intimate the relationship between a person and his mother is when he is young, the more he gets along with his lover in his adult life. If children are not too close to their parents, they are less likely to follow the positive aspects of parenthood in adulthood. The successful case of mother stands to cheer Murray tennis fame researchers believe that perhaps this can be confirmed in humans, British tennis player Andy · Murray (left!相关的主题文章: