A woman in Yunnan’s long suffering husband of domestic violence won the family butcher forgive (vide-lm3886

A woman in Yunnan’s long suffering husband of domestic violence won the family court forgive butcher picture Wuding Zhang woman’s long suffering husband of domestic violence and sexual violence butcher case trial just six months, the day before yesterday, Wuding again exposed butcher case, fruit a long suffering husband of domestic violence and sexual violence butcher case in Chuxiong City Intermediate People’s court. It is understood that the victim Liu had theft convictions, usually alcoholism, drug abuse, unemployed, often to the parents to spend money, not to hit. Review of knife threat father-in-law wife holding batons to death in October 19, 2015, Liu after drinking again due to household chores and fruit of a wife quarrel, after Liu carry out a fruit knife threat to XX and their parents. A fruit while Liu not picked up a stick to stun, then continue to use sticks hit number by Liu died on the spot, the last a call to surrender. For sexual violence involved in the case, the court for a short not open trial, not in court for sentencing. It is understood that Liu had theft convictions in 2007, was forced to drug addiction in 2013. After marriage, Liu often beaten, threatened the defendant fruit and a fruit of some parents and even his son. Before the incident had a fruit because of unbearable husband beaten and repeatedly to the local women’s Federation Committee and reflect its suffering from domestic violence facts, even to the police station, the police station also told Liu’s behavior of domestic violence on administrative punishment. A fruit before the incident to the Wuding County People’s court for divorce, but Liu deliberately hide the court due to Liu notice to appear in court, the divorce court and not by Liu to a withdrawal end. After the incident, the victim’s family fully understand the fruit of a certain, and asked the judiciary not to carry out criminal penalties, it does not require any economic compensation. According to a statement object of domestic violence wife fruit, the first year of marriage two people feeling okay, because Liu development is not smooth, the mood is not good for a fruit from the beginning of the implementation of domestic violence, three or four times a month, by 2013, to reach seven or eight times a month. The most serious one is in 2014, the fruit was beaten for a week did not go to work. Father of a father often beaten. March 2015, Liu and his wife and father were beaten together, resulting in two weeks in hospital. After the incident, they reported to the police, the police carried out an administrative penalty Ryu, a fine of 200 yuan, and finally the money to pay the father-in-law. Mother in law of a mother Guo Moumou also became the object of Liu often beaten. In June 2015, Liu Guo to money, because not to, then Liu Guo was beaten unconscious, then tied a rope to his arm, and Guo face. Son of a son of a small fruit fruit this year 4 years old, often become the object of Liu vent. Reporters in the small fruit face saw a few bruises, it is understood that one is Liu with a knife scratch scars, in the grandmother’s lead, small fruit also specially brought their own a smiling photo to mother. The voice of the public prosecutor’s case is due to domestic violence caused by his wife to kill her husband’s intentional homicide case, the fruit of a violation of criminal law, constitute intentional homicide, should be held criminally responsible for intentional homicide. Serious family Baolin相关的主题文章: