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Abandoned 22 years after the reunion "tracing back Tiantan police dad childhood Fei Fei the morning of September 19th, Tiantan Park in front of the police station, the police Fei Fei took Hou Xiangwei’s arm. 22 years ago, Hou Xiangwei answered the police and took the abandoned Feifei back from a cypress on the east side of the South Gate of the park. I want to express my thanks to my parents, and I also want to ask my birthday, the story of my childhood. I want to see them. Cao Haofei, 22 years ago, in the Tiantan Park under a cypress, the police Hou Xiangwei picked up a tiny baby girl. The little white wrapped gauze made him worried. 22 years later, at the door of the police station, when the young girl stretched out the incomplete right hand, Hou Xiangwei, who was on duty, remembered the scene of the abandoned baby. Now, the old abandoned, 23 year old Fifi back when separated from their relatives in place, with the help of the police, open the search path. Foster grew up in America, Chinese love culture in the orphanage for 5 years, the girl with the name, because it is found in the Tiantan Park, the orphanage "day" "day" as the "Ho" name, Cao Haofei, nicknamed fifi. Because of the heavy scald, Feifei’s finger muscle tissue was necrotic and the finger was performed. At the age of 7 and a half, foster parents from the United States took Feifei. When he grew up, Feifei often recalled the days of the welfare home, full of joy and warmth. After being adopted, Feifei and two small partners were led by 3 American families at the same time. In Texas, Feifei joins the life of a family of four parents. Fifi said, 22 years engaged in special industries and foster mother play the band never let feel adopted unspeakable. If three children receive the same education and care, no one will deliberately avoid her life experience. Even when someone asks why Fei Fei is not like the family’s siblings, Feifei has joked, "because they are adopted." When Feifei remembered that he had achieved excellent results in childhood, the adoptive father had said that if the parents knew she was so excellent, they should be happy too! At the age of 15, in the summer vacation, a cultural trip made fifei fall in love with China. After that, Feifei went to the welfare home every year. From the love of Chinese culture, two years ago, Fifi decided to temporarily graduated from the University of Beijing to study Chinese, said of his decision, parents expressed absolute support, last Christmas, Father also went to Beijing to visit. Back to China, Feifei quickly adapted to the environment of the motherland, and the spicy and strong dishes made her forget to return. Two years in Beijing, Feifei was self – reliant and diligent, and the Chinese level was progressing rapidly. Although the right is not complete, but she is skilled at writing with a pen, chopsticks, also self "ukulele" (Hawaii four stringed plucked instrument). More than a month ago, Feifei knew Chinese boyfriend to make communication without obstacles. Two people agreed to speak Chinese one day when they were together. Although life is sunny and beautiful, in the heart of Feifei, the desire to find a parent has never been put on hold. The loss of Pro cypress baby was brought into the police station on March 17, 1994 afternoon, the alarm telephone is the police on duty Hou Xiangwei received a high school student, said Tiantan Park South East grove, a look around the age of 1 baby is crying, unattended side. Put down the phone, Hou Xiangwei and two colleagues from the west gate of the park in the police station rushed to the woods, in a cypress tree, see Hou Xiangwei wearing flowers coat girl. In the early spring of Beijing, there was a cold air in the air. The baby girl was small, just walking, and he could not speak. Hou Xiangwei picked up the baby girl and found the child’s right finger wrapped in gauze. At this time, the baby girl had stopped crying and stared at Hou Xiangwei with big eyes. Hou Xiangwei looked around and looked at the busy people, but no one took it forward. After reporting the situation with him, three policemen went straight to the Tiantan hospital with their children. After consultation, they informed the child that his right hand was severely scalded. Hou Xiangwei remembered that the gauze was stripped off layer by layer, and the tip of five fingers had been shocking black. After dealing with the wound, in the afternoon, three people took the baby girl back to the police station. Coax children into a new task for the three. "Good coax, the pain in the hands is not how to cry, let the hold." Hou Xiangwei remembered that in the 5 day of the police station, the female baby was taken by the male police in the daytime, and the female police stayed in the dorm at night. Hou Xiangwei has become a father, with children’s experience, and the baby girl is not often crying in his arms. At the same time, the policemen visited many hospitals around the park and in the city, trying to find the children’s family. People prefer to believe that children are only lost with their loved ones, not abandoned. But the result is not so satisfactory, the children’s relatives have never appeared. 5 days later, as required, Hou Xiangwei and his colleagues drove the child to the Beijing children’s welfare home. A welfare house worker took over the child from Hou Xiangwei’s bosom. Hou Xiangwei said, looking after 5 days of care of the baby baby was taken away, the heart is not a taste. Tracing in the police station met police dad again without warning, let all people shocked. In 22 years, Hou Xiangwei witnessed the growth of his son from a young child to a young man and a witness to the change of the times. The only constant, he was still here, unfamiliar to the front line. Every day, the square dance enclosure war may be started in different corners of the park, also speaking in different accents tourists rushed to the door for help to find his family, before the park opened, the park all the covers, handrails and other facilities check…… A lot of the trifling alarms were washed and washed in his mind, leaving little. In May this year, with the adoption papers, Feifei and his friends came to Tiantan Park, at the door of the police station, and Feifei asked her friends to take pictures for her. Hou Xiangwei felt strange to see the young girl’s photo with the police station. He walked out the door and asked, Fifi explained his purpose with less skilled Chinese. One side said to adopt a document. Seeing the missing finger, Hou Xiangwei suddenly remembered the baby girl 22 years ago, and after confirming to Feifei, he was unbelievable about the reunion of his eyes. "I want to thank you, in my heart, you are the man who picked me up, the police father." In September 19th, Fifi took Hou Xiangwei’s arm, will wish to say tracing. "To meet my parents, I want to express my thanks, and also want to ask my birthday, the story of my childhood. I want to see them. " Fifi said, growing experience has taught her face, the search path may be very long, but she is here, hope the dream will come true. Hou Xiangwei said, if you have a clue to the police station and Fifi, Tiantan Park, telephone 67021104, contact Hou Xiangwei, Qu bin. The written version of the Beijing News reporter Li Yutong 弃婴22年后回国寻亲重逢天坛“警察爸爸” 儿时的菲菲   9月19日上午,天坛公园派出所门口,菲菲挽着民警侯祥炜的胳膊。22年前,侯祥炜接群众报警,从公园南门东侧的一棵柏树下,将被遗弃的菲菲抱回。   跟亲生父母见面,我想表达感谢,同时也想问问我的生日,我小时候的故事。我想见到他们。――曹昊菲   22年前,在天坛公园的一棵柏树下,民警侯祥炜抱起瘦小的女婴,那个裹着白纱布的小手让他很是担心。   22年后,派出所门口,当年轻女孩伸出不完整的右手时,正在执勤的侯祥炜瞬间想起当年抱起弃婴的场景。   如今,昔日弃婴、23岁的菲菲回到当年与亲人分离的地方,在警方的帮助下,开启了寻亲之路。   领养   在美国长大,热爱中国文化   在福利院5年,女婴有了姓名,因为是在天坛公园发现的,福利院取“日”“天”为“昊”,大名曹昊菲,小名菲菲。因烫伤过重,菲菲手指肌肉组织坏死而做了截指手术。在7岁半时,来自美国的养父母将菲菲接走。   长大后,菲菲常回忆起福利院的日子,充满欢乐与温馨。被领养时,菲菲和两个小伙伴同时被3个美籍家庭领走。在得克萨斯州,菲菲加入养父母四口之家的生活。   菲菲说,22年里,从事特教行业的养母和玩乐队的养父从未让自己觉得被收养是难以启齿的。三个孩子接受同样的教育和照顾,没人会刻意回避她的身世,甚至当有人问菲菲为何与家中的姐弟长得不像时,菲菲还曾开玩笑,“因为他们是领养的呀!”   菲菲记得,儿时取得优异成绩时,养父曾说过,如果亲生父母知道她这么优秀,应该也会很开心的!   15岁那年暑假,一趟文化之旅让喜欢旅游的菲菲爱上中国,此后的每年暑假,菲菲都会到国内的福利院帮忙。   源于对中国文化的热爱,两年前,大学毕业的菲菲决定暂居北京学习中文,菲菲说,对自己的决定,养父母表示绝对支持,去年圣诞节,养父还曾到北京来看望。   回到中国的菲菲迅速适应了祖国的环境,辣味浓烈的菜肴让她流连忘返。   在北京两年,菲菲自立、勤奋,汉语水平进步很快。虽然右手不够完整,但她能熟练用笔写字、拿筷子,还自学了“尤克里里”(夏威夷四弦拨弦乐器)。   一个多月前,菲菲认识了中国男友,为让沟通无障碍,二人约定在一起时一天说汉语一天说英语。   虽然生活阳光而美好,但在菲菲心中,寻找亲生父母的愿望从未被搁置。   失亲   柏树下女婴被抱进派出所   1994年3月17日的午后,正在派出所值班的侯祥炜接到一名中学生的报警电话,说天坛公园南门东侧小树林里,一个看起来1岁左右的女婴正在哭泣,身旁无人看管。   放下电话,侯祥炜和两名同事从公园西门内的派出所赶往小树林,在一棵柏树下,侯祥炜看到身穿小花袄的女婴。早春的北京,空气中透着寒气,女婴身体瘦小,刚会走路,还不会说话。   侯祥炜抱起女婴,发现孩子右手手指上包裹着纱布,此时,女婴已停止哭泣,瞪着大眼睛望着侯祥炜。   侯祥炜环视四周,尽是看热闹的人,但无人上前认领。   跟所里汇报情况后,三位民警带着孩子直奔天坛医院,医院会诊后告知,孩子的右手被严重烫伤,侯祥炜记得,纱布被层层剥开,孩子五根手指尖端已呈触目惊心的黑色。   处理完伤口,下午,三人将女婴抱回派出所。哄孩子成为三人的新任务。   “好哄,手上疼也不怎么哭,让一直抱着。”侯祥炜记得,在派出所的5天里,女婴白天由男民警带,晚上则跟着女民警住宿舍。侯祥炜已当了爸爸,有带孩子经验,女婴在他怀中不常哭闹。   一边保证女婴的吃住,民警们同时到公园周边及市内的多家有烫伤科的医院走访,试图寻找孩子的家人。   大家宁愿相信孩子只是与亲人走失,而非被遗弃。   但结果不尽如人意,孩子的亲人始终没有现身。   5天后,按照要求,侯祥炜和同事开车将孩子送到了北京市儿童福利院。   一位福利院工作人员从侯祥炜怀中接过孩子。侯祥炜说,望着照顾了5天的女婴被抱走,心里很不是滋味。   寻亲   派出所里重遇“警察爸爸”   重逢毫无预兆,让所有人震惊不已。   22年里,侯祥炜见证儿子从幼儿长成壮小伙,也见证着时代的变迁。唯一不变的,他还在这里,默默无闻地坚守着一线。   每天,广场舞的圈地大战可能在公园的不同角落打响,也有操着不同口音的游客急匆匆地上门求助寻找家人,开园前,园内所有的井盖、扶手等设施核查无误……大量而琐碎的警情在他的脑海里洗洗涮涮,留下的不多。   今年5月,拿着收养文件,菲菲和朋友来到天坛公园,在派出所门口,菲菲让朋友为她拍照留念。   看到年轻女孩与派出所合影,让执勤的侯祥炜觉得奇怪。他走出大门上前询问,菲菲用不太熟练的中文解释自己的来意。一边说一边掏收养文件。   看到残缺的手指,侯祥炜突然想起22年前的那个女婴,向菲菲确认后,他对眼前的重逢难以置信。   “我想感谢,在我心里,你是抱起我的人,是警察爸爸。”9月19日,菲菲挽起侯祥炜的胳膊,将寻亲的心愿说出。   “跟亲生父母见面,我想表达感谢,同时也想问问我的生日,我小时候的故事。我想见到他们。”菲菲说,成长的经历已教会她坦然面对,寻亲之路也许十分漫长,但她在这里,希望梦想能实现。   侯祥炜说,如大家有关于菲菲的线索,可与天坛公园派出所联系,电话67021104,联系人侯祥炜、屈缤。   本版采写 新京报记者 李禹潼相关的主题文章: