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Depression An autism spectrum disorder , a biological disorder of brain that mainly influence an individuals ability to .municate, understand people, interact with others and even interpret events. Approximately one in every 150-160 children has autism spectrum disorder. These children will have difficulty with .munication, and social interaction and unusual behavior, interests and activities. autism spectrum disorder mean that symptoms can be present in a variety of .binations and can range from mild to severe. As .pared to girls mainly boys have a higher prevalence of autism: we cant denay this fact that an autism spectrum disorder mainly attacks the male person. As we all are familiar with this fact that The identification of an autism spectrum disorder before the age of about 12 months is very difficult, but from the age of two years, diagnosis is ordinarily possible. The significant and peculiar features of the onset include delays in the growth or temporary language regression, repetitive behavior of stereotyped patterns along with social skills. Parents plays an important role in procuring guidence to children suffering with autism. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi helps you to over.e an autism spectrum disorder by the great way of The Trivedi Effect of Energy Transmission . The only thing you need to do is to ensure access to education, awareness, health services and offer the love and affection as the child grows up and the lot of care they needs. There is one healing therapy known as The Trivedi Effect, which has shown to help many number of people.This healing therapy a miracle of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and Trivedi Masters, has proven to aid in defeating and bringing down the viral load of life threatening diseases and improvement in patient suffering with autism and ADHD. It can help to promote a healthy developmental pathway for a person with autism in much the same way as for a healthy person. These processes are based on transferring Universal Energy from them to the individuals creating an environment where they can express themselves and to respond the things in a different way. Trivedi Master Wellness programs focuses on the individuals behavior, and aims to modify the undesirablebehaviors and shape the desirable ones. It also allows them to achieve their greatest level of independence in their day-to-day activities. There is yet no medicine that cures an autism spectrum disorder . But this transmission of Universal Intelligence can bring down the negative impact of this disorder so that the development of that person can take place. If you feel that your child has developmental delays or difficulties in the areas of .munication and social interaction, and has a rigid pattern of behaviour, he may need our help. The Trivedi Effect can help you if you are experiencing the problem of an autism spectrum disorder, this is the best way to get rid of them. You can register and join Trivedi Master Wellness programs to receive the greatest natural bequest of God through Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: