After the transfer of drug users to grab a taxi police denied the

The net transfer of drug man to grab a taxi after the police denied the accident damaged drug taxi new culture news (reporter Xing Yang) 8 days around 11:30 in Puyang Street and Tongxin Road intersection Changchun City North 500 meters, a speeding taxi crashed into the front of the normal driving cars, two cars were severely damaged. Some netizens said, driving a taxi is a drug man, took the taxi escape accident. In this regard, the new culture reporter conducted an investigation and verification. In the pictures taken by friends, you can see the incident in the West under the rapid Luqiao, a taxi in front of the impact of severe deformation, bumper off, the front of the road about 20 cm high on the side of the stone. In front of the taxi, a white car rear end damage is also very serious, scattered on the ground with some debris. Some netizens said that the accident is a drug robbery taxi, escape the process of collision with a private car". Users also said that the current drug addicts have been taken away by the police." On the morning of 9, the new culture of the reporter went to the scene, the scene can still see a lot of oil, is severely damaged a taxi out. In the vicinity of the site, the reporter found a witness, he is a car Square staff. "The incident at around 11:30, I just finished eating, the crash hear two consecutive" bang bang "in front of the unit." The staff said, he followed the sound to see, I saw a white car hit a roadside stone, a taxi is diagonally cross the street. "The white car at the curb out of ten meters, fortunately the driver hit the steering wheel, the car was down, did not hit the front of the pier." Staff said. According to the staff, the driver of the white car is a man, quickly got off the car, in addition to being frightened, the body was not injured. "But the man on the taxi looked very strange. He didn’t get off the car after the crash. He took off his coat in the car." Staff recalled, I saw the man’s right hand seems to have been shaking, the police came, he did not get off, was eventually taken away by several police." "I was told at the scene that the man had robbed a taxi near the square, and might have been poisoned. At the time of the accident, the man did not have one hundred of the speed of eighty." The staff said. Reporters from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Changchun Luyuan District Bureau learned that after the incident, Luyuan district police rushed to the scene the first time someone’s men will control, then the man was handed over to the police station square construction. Reporters learned from the relevant departments, the police carried out a test of the test man, but did not find him drug. The incident is under further investigation. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: