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Reference-and-Education Normally, educators like to establish some sort of legacy in their careers pushing forward with a certain approach to teaching that they believe is more beneficial to children than conventional models. Alexander Harvey IV is one such professional, investing a notable portion of his career to developing the country day schools model. So far, he has made a substantial difference to the education of thousands of kids in three of these institutions: the Charlotte Country Day school, the Graland Country Day school, and most recently, the Alexandria Country Day school. Now, what makes these schools different from the normal institutions that many American children will go to? Well, country day schools are based on the values of the 19th century, allowing children to focus on their studies in an environment where pollution, crime and the modern media are a thing of the past learning without any distractions. So: why is Alexander Harvey IV so content on this tried-and-tested model of learning? Mainly, his approval of this educational format has been established through his intensive study on how the education system works, and he has gained a Masters in the topic from Loyola University. Due to the years he has spent scrutinizing the theory of academics, and developing his own perspectives and expertise, Alexander Harvey IV is well-positioned to take his career in a direction which he believes can help kids. Reading educational journals vigorously to keep up with issues in the modern schooling world, he wants to infuse great results with a happy student body. Of course, being a student at an institution such as the Alexandria Country Day School isnt just a place for learning, its a way of life. As children are there seven hours a day, five days a week for nine years, its important that they are comfortable with their teachers and that they have activities that they can enjoy. This is why Alexander Harvey IV was passionately involved with the basketball team at the school achieving championship status with his coaching that drove the talented youngsters to success. Of course, a workman is only as good as his tools, and Mr. Harvey ensured that his tools, or the teachers in this case, were up to the job of delivering the best education possible. Hes not the type of guy to settle for second best, and this has been seen in his colorful and exceptional career. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: