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All star exploration apology Liu Xiang: after exposure to the father of Liu text messages for rumors micro-blog screenshot entertainment news (SAO Sao adults) in the face of Liu Xiang, entertainment Discipline Inspection Commission lowered his head. In September 19th, the "All Star" exposure Wu Sha black history in micro-blog, and Liu Xiang, Wu Sha court, November 7th, the "All Star" by micro-blog acknowledged the platform confirmed rumors untrue, and apologize to the adverse effects of Liu Xiang and his father, Wu Sha. "All Star" at micro-blog says: "I platform released on September 19th entitled" Liu Xiang’s father suspected SMS exposure, had besought son and Wu Sha break up "article, reproduced third party broke the news information release. When released, I failed to contact the platform to verify the parties, then I confirmed that the platform rumors untrue, and for the first time in my platform and its associated platform removed the article. But this article is still to Liu Xiang and his family had a negative impact, I am now platform to Mr. Liu Xiang and his father, ms.." Micro-blog issued shortly after the "All Star" will be the top micro-blog apology. In September 19, 2016, the "All Star" broadcast through the exposure of Liu Xiang girlfriend Wu Sha, the so-called "black history", and micro-blog in the drying out of several suspected Liu Xiang’s father’s mobile phone SMS screenshot, broke the news that Liu Xiang’s father is very dissatisfied with Wu Sha in November 2013, Liu Xiang broke up with kuquan. "All Star probe" live on the same day, Liu Xiang girlfriend Sally will be forwarded in a lawyer’s letter in micro-blog, directed at all star probe fabricated facts, causing adverse effects, requiring the other party to stop infringement. Liu Xiang quickly forwarded the girlfriend of micro-blog, and inform users: "earlier rumors about me I usually laugh, but this is not real news has hurt my family, I could no longer ignore the harm. At present, the matter has been handled by a lawyer, I believe that no matter how deep the rumormongers hidden will be punished by law. Micro-blog comment has been opened, something rushed me. As of press time, Zhuo Wei himself did not respond to false reports. (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章: