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With the forest with acres of ancient tea garden Hekai: tea in the forest, village in the tea garden – Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "Hekai" in Yunnan Xishuangbanna ancient tea, the ancient tea is currently the largest contiguous area, and the most ornamental value of the ancient tea garden, is the ancient Hekai the tea garden. From the geographical point of view, he opened the ancient tea garden is located in Xishuangbanna Menghai County, east south of Brown Pasha. The ancient tea trees, planted in the village, known as " tea in the tea garden in the woods, Zhai " reputation. Tea in the forest, walled in the tea garden, and the forest with the mu of ancient tea plantation. According to local Lahu Nationality Ancestors said, they have been in the more than and 20 generation residential Hekai chashan. This ancient tea, the ancient tea garden near existing contiguous acres, the maximum age of the ancient tea trees can match for Southern waxy hill tea Wang Shu. That is the biggest man get old walled ancient tea Wang Shu, said that it has been nearly 800 years old. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "new open" "South Beauty Hekai tea production process" of picking: featured Hekai Chashan a bud, a bud and two leaf tea Jing handcrafted. The airing: picking tea Jing natural airing, to better ensure the taste of tea. The fixing: Hekai Lahu Nationality Chashan tea master, the conventional iron hand crank. The rolling tea master: experience, rolling, moderate intensity, the contents of stable overflow. The green sun: he opened the local climate and natural sun drying, ensure that the later transformation space. The pressing with traditional stone pressing, cake pie round elastic moderate, uniform and stable transformation. Map: South beauty tea trees tea "Hekai" he opened the ancient tea gardens and forest co-exist, making Hekai tea has significant wild flavor, fresh from woody dry tea into tea and pleasant fresh wood, the wild woody flavor. People seem to be placed in the forest surrounded by old trees in the tea garden. "Full slip Chun, such as Xi Sheng Jin sugar rhyme," he Kaicha from first to tenth global bubble tea, golden bright, such as gold jade, luxurious; soup always honest, silky entrance, drink sugar, sweet rhyme was late but not thick greasy, sweet and lasting, steady like mountain stream brook and Watanaga Youwa, because the ancient tea contains abundant material, resistant foam plus tail water up to 16 global high. Map: South beauty tea trees tea "Hekai" Hekai Dasan, 20 generations, the ancient art "Lahu people love living close to the forest, accompanied with forests, tea planting and simple Fangqianwuhou in nature. Hekai Dasan continuation of the 20 generation of the family stayed dry, inheriting the ancient tea tea art achievement Hekai unique charm hill. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "new" beauty "South Ming he Kaicha · drink" dry tea: dry tea is fresh and pleasant fresh wood, pie round, moderate elastic cords, black and silver with pekoe. First bubble tea: golden and transparent, slightly astringent, bitter, astringent bitter bitter is slightly obvious, can quickly open for sweet sweet, astringent effect on the speed of network相关的主题文章: