— an agency that awards approximately $425 million annually to private sector printers. The general tips below have been adapted for winning GPO work 民警带病擒毒贩 陈龙二胎儿子出生

Mobile Marketing Tours For Graphexpo Posted By: Pyramid Logistics Services Inc Mobile Marketing Tours mobile marketing trailer mobile exh Mobile Marketing Tours Avs Technology Breaks Iron Triangle Of Good Fast And Cheap Posted By: Anthony W. Hawks automated vendor selection American Print Management automated vendor selection U.s. Gpo Work Decreasing Significantly Posted By: Deborah Snider Less than half of all printing handled by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) is now produced by private sector printers. Previously, for many years back to 1982, the GPO procurement system had been one of the strongest public-private sector partnerships that existed, and it had served as a model for how business and government could work together to accomplish a common goal. In this case, that goal had been delivering top quality printing, on time, with competitive pricing. When Congress passed Title 44 of the U.S. Code, its idea had been to have all federal government printing channeled through the GPO by all federal agencies, including the Executive Office of the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, executive departments and independent agencies. That amounts to many billions of dollars, a figure never tracked by the federal government, but believed to be between $15 billion and $30 billion. Most of this work is produced in-house by in-plant printing facilities operated by the federal agencies themselves. This means that the federal government prints in-house several times more work than produced by RR Donnelley, the largest printer in the world.government print management private sector printers government print management Avs Technology” Is Integral To E-commerce Posted By: Anthony W. Hawks automated vendor selection AVS Technology automated vendor selection Timely Gpo Payment Comes With Accurate Documentation Posted By: Deborah Snider Understanding United States Government Printing Office (GPO) policies and procedures is critical to receiving timely payment. This often is easier said than done since GPO requires precision and timely documentation from the start of a project through completion and invoicing. Otherwise, the invoice that you eventually send will end up back on your desk and unpaid. The process is very exacting. Working successfully with GPO requires GPO experience. That is where government print management experts can make the difference for you. Government print management experts at GPO bid services can assist you with specification interpretation, proposal preparation, bidding process management, assistance through the production process, change order negotiation, invoice preparation and collection. To simplify the process, avoid confusion and accurately communicate with GPO, Government Print Management has created the GPO Invoicing Detail Spreadsheet. This is a standardized document that itemizes essential work specifications and is programmed so when a price, quantity or other change is made the calculation occurs automatically. Not only does this streamline GPO invoicing, it reduces mistakes and makes sure the print supplier is submitting an invoice that will be acceptable to GPO. This is especially important when managing multi-year GPO print contracts.government print management Government Printing Office government print management How To Prime The Profit Pump Posted By: William Gindlesperger automated vendor selection technology automated vendor selection technology Value Focused Supply Management — The 21st Century Solution Posted By: William Gindlesperger Value Focused Supply Management is an approach for creating and implementing long-term strategies for key purchase categories and their suppliers that go beyond just competitive sourcing. This concept was presented at the 2010 Institute of Supply Management Annual International Supply Management Conference in a major research initiative by CAPS (Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies) Research and A. T. Kearney, Inc., entitled "Value Focused Supply – Linking Supply to Competitive Business Strategies." Basically, what this means is an organization must go beyond just adopting a competitive buying program to reduce costs. It must institute a technologically sophisticated program that includes executive level involvement, centralized purchasing, strategic procurement, total transparency, data/information collection and analysis, greater efficiencies, strengthened controls, enhanced flexibility, increased competitiveness and ensured fairness in the process. The ultimate goal is to improve the overall competitiveness of an organization by adding additional value for both customers and shareholders. Looking back over the past 20 years, according to the CAPS research paper, it is clear that competitive sourcing created significant value for companies, driving major cost savings directly to the bottom line.automated vendor selection; procurement savings automated vendor selection; procurement savings One Bite At The Apple– An Opportunity For The New Public Printer Posted By: William Gindlesperger Publick Printer. That’s the title that founding father Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) gave to the job of coordinating printing for the then new United States government. He was the first "publick" printer, and he felt strongly — having been a printer himself — in establishing a single authority to ensure quality and fair pricing for the printing of federal government documents. This led to the founding of the United States Government Printing Office (GPO) in 1813. Today, as then, GPO’s role is to be the centralized printer and procurer of printing for the federal government including the Executive Office of the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, executive departments and independent agencies. Its core mission remains Keeping America Informed as it supports the work of the executive, legislative and judicial branches. As required by Title 44 of the U.S. Code, all federal agencies are to use GPO to procure their printing. William Boarman, this country’s 26th Public Printer, continues the legacy begun by Benjamin Franklin. And like Ben Franklin, he is a practical printer by trade. An excerpt from Mr. Delivering Cost Savings, Quality And Service — A Business Priority For 2011 Posted By: William Gindlesperger autiomated vendor selection new procurement technology autiomated vendor selection Five Reasons Why You Need A Gpo Bid Service In 2011 Posted By: Deborah Snider These are tough times for many printers, large and small. Commercial accounts are either drying up or underperforming and leads for new clients are all but nonexistent in some places. Printing Industries of America (PIA) predicts about 9,500 printers in the United States will disappear by 2020. That would leave about 27,000 printers nationwide, down from a high just a few years ago of 36,500. If you are concerned that you may be one of those 9,500 who will not be here in 2020, you should change your strategy if you are now going it alone. Professional print management firms can offer invaluable assistance if they provide services that will help you increase your profitability. A good print management firm will be an extension of your sales force and less expensive than adding another sales executive. The best print management firms know how to help you increase your profits by helping you win work from one of the most dependable of all print-job sources — the United States Government Printing Office (GPO). Any printer not now doing GPO work should seriously think about developing GPO as a secondary market. Applying General Advice For Winning Government Work To Gpo Posted By: Deborah Snider Winning work through the federal government can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing. It takes preparation, practice, patience and professionalism to be successful when dealing with the world’s largest bureaucracy — one that buys enormous amounts of goods and services each year. Some general tips on how to win work from the federal government apply specifically to winning work from the United States Government Printing Office (GPO) — an agency that awards approximately $425 million annually to private sector printers. The general tips below have been adapted for winning GPO work: 1.Understand that GPO procurement is different from other federal government procurement. GPO is a Congressional Branch (the Congress) agency, whereas other federal government agencies fall under the Executive Branch (the President). This means that the rules governing procurement are different. Attorneys and federal government procurement experts are often at a loss when it comes to GPO rules and regulations as GPO is not covered by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and has its own set of rules and regulations. This requires specialized expertise as provided by a GPO specialist. 2.Decide what to sell.government print management printers government print management E-lynxx Corporation Named One Of Best Workplaces In The Americas Posted By: William Gindlesperger Printing Industries of America (PIA) has named e-LYNXX Corporation a 2010 recipient of its "Best Workplace in the Americas" award. e-LYNXX also was named, from all companies chosen as a "Best Workplace in the Americas," to PIA’s "Best of the Best" list. The world’s largest print trade association, PIA evaluated companies nationwide based on their management practices, work environment, training and development opportunities, financial security, work-life balance, recognitions and rewards and health and wellness programs. "Employees look at these eight key human relations areas when evaluating a current or prospective workplace," said Jim Kyger, assistant vice president of human resources at PIA and director of PIA’s "Best Workplaces in the Americas" awards program. "While all employees have different values when it comes to what they want in a work environment, there is quite a bit of common ground. And, it is not all centered around money. Workers today look for a variety of qualities in a workplace. Recipients of PIA’s 2010 ‘Best Workplace in the Americas’ award share those qualities.government print management Printing Industries of America government print management U. S. Government Printing Office – A Model For Controlling Procurement Costs Posted By: Deborah Snider government print management reducing procurement costs government print management Clarion Call To Reduce Spending: Start With Cutting Procurement Costs Posted By: William Gindlesperger The electorate spoke loudly and clearly on November 2 when it voted to change the balance of power in Washington, DC, and in a number of state capitals nationwide. The historic outcome signaled more than a preference for Republicans, Democrats or Independents. It was a clarion call for reduced governmental spending. The question now is: "How?" As a long-time campaign and political advisor, I know nothing moves easily or quickly through political channels. I have never understood why the best ideas that benefit taxpayers/voters the most often take the longest. However, the timing is right, now, for one such good idea — an idea that when properly deployed can reduce by as much as half what organizations have traditionally paid for goods and services. The fact is that those who embrace professional procurement have always worked hard at reducing costs, and, yet, up until now, an optimum procurement practice has remained elusive. This idea has taken shape in the form of an elegant system, best practices and patented technology. The system acts to streamline the workflow process by virtually eliminating e-mail in favor of automated portal to portal communication.procurement technology government procurement management procurement technology Ten Steps To Profit From Gpo Work Posted By: Deborah Snider government print management printers GPO government print management Understanding The Benefits Of Filling Production Downtime Posted By: William Gindlesperger When a company produces customized products, like printing, the goal is to keep the production line busy with profitable work. That’s the goal. Realistically, there are going to be times when there are production gaps — those times when there is no work. Downtime. In the printing industry, for example, 30% of the typical printer’s production schedule is downtime. That is because the printer must have sufficient capacity available to meet the needs of its customers at peak times, only to have it unused at non-peak times. When work is not forthcoming, the printer is stuck with downtime, no income, idle staff and machinery and an unproductive period. Now if you were a printer and were confronted with this predicament versus bringing in some work with lower than normal pricing, you probably would gladly accept — even seek — the work for which you would be charging less than optimum fees. Of course, the customer whose work is being done is going to be pleased as long as a quality job is produced on time.AVS Technology print procurement savings print buyers pri AVS Technology Ingenuity Delivers Powerful Results Posted By: William Gindlesperger One of the most ingenious inventions ever has been delivering powerful results from the time it was invented. From it has come recorded history, literary masterpieces, works of art, mathematical problem solving, musical composition, architectural drawings and the thank you note. I am talking about the pencil. It has been around in various forms for some 300 years. We know it today as graphite encased by wood. It began as a Roman stylus. Whatever form, it has made it possible for us to communicate better. Different concepts over the years have enhanced its appearance and improved its functionality. The mechanical pencil, the fountain pen, the ballpoint pen, the typewriter, copiers, printing presses and, yes, the computer and computer systems can link their heritage as communications tools to the pencil. Along the way, each improvement has provided greater value. One enhancement, the fountain pen, was invented by insurance salesman Lewis Waterman in 1884 after a valuable contract document was destroyed by ink spilling from the pen that he was using. He patented a pen with a built-in ink well and made the concept of the ink pen better.new procurement technology procurement cost reduction new procurement technology Going Green: Eco-friendly Document Management Posted By: Sundar K Document management document management solutions Document management Media Supply Receives Award In Neographics Regional Printing Competition Posted By: Media Supply Inc Exton, PA May 27, 2010 – Media Supply, Inc., of Exton, Pennsylvania, was recognized for outstanding achievement in the Neographics 2010 Power of Print® Competition for its submission of Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin, a complete DVD printing and packaging project produced by Question Why Films. Competing against hundreds of entries from printing and graphic firms throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, Media Supply received a Franklin Award for Excellence. The announcement was made on May 6, 2010, during the Graphic Arts Association"s 2010 Neographics Exhibition and Award Ceremony, held at the Union League with more than 450 professionals in attendance. The Neographics Competition is the largest and oldest regional printing competition in the nation. "Media Supply is pleased to accept the Franklin Award," said Frank Quinlisk, Vice President of Media Supply. "We have been lucky to work with a tremendous client in Bennett Singer of Question Why Films, whose Brother Outsider DVD has given us a chance to print and package an outstanding production. We are proud of our team at Media Supply, and this achievement is an honor for everyone here and at Question Why Films." About Media Supply, Inc. – Media Supply, Inc.duplication packaging publishing media supply dvd cd duplication Honoring A Successful Public-private Working Relationship Posted By: William Gindlesperger Just the word "taxes" conjures up images of government waste and mismanagement. That’s what the media highlights and that is the public impression. However, there is an exception to this general perception — the public-private partnership between the U. S. Government Printing Office (GPO) and private sector printers. This is the federal government’s most competitive, most successful purchasing program ever, and it has a record of saving taxpayers money. Historically, GPO has bought about three quarters of all federal printing from private sector printers. Some 10,000 printers from throughout the United States are registered to do work with GPO. They are mostly small businesses with about 25 employees and revenues in the $4.5 million range, and 85% of the GPO jobs that they win are for less than $3,500 a job. GPO awards work to the private sector through a competitive bidding process that encourages low prices that result in savings for taxpayers. More times than not, deep discount bids are submitted to fill production downtime.government print management government print management 相关的主题文章: