An Australian girl wanted too ugly voice as escape was arrested (video)

An Australian girl wanted too ugly voice as escape was arrested a 18 year old Australian girl recently escaped, then found that the local media issued an arrest warrant on her photo (left) is ugly, can not help but "voice" asked for another more beautiful picture (right). However, local media have ignored her request, and the police a day after her arrest. The British "Guardian" reported on 29, the girl called Amy · SHARP, aged 18, 26, 3 in the afternoon from Australia Sydney city of Surrey mountain area of a prison escape. The police then released her two photos, and local media in the transfer of the police wanted to be accompanied by photos. In the photo, tied up SHARP hair or makeup pouch, poor shoulders drooped, draped in a red blanket, look at first thought it was a middle-aged woman. Surprisingly, the fugitive SHARP almost immediately post a message in the relevant posts, with a very polite tone to the media for a photo". SHARP posted a new photo and said, "could you change it for me?" Thank you Greetings, Amy · SHARP." The new photo, SHARP no braids, long blond hair is falling; face makeup is also quite delicate, pale pink lipstick off with a sweet smile, is no doubt she is still a young girl. SHARP’s message and the new photo by a large number of Internet users concerned, just released soon after harvest nearly 60 thousand points praise. A lot of people have noticed that SHARP’s Facebook page describes her as "a little princess with a little anger."". It is understood that shortly after 27 days of zero hour, the local police in the distance to escape near Wentworth Park again arrested SHARP. A police spokesman later confirmed that SHARP will face the escape and escape charges. It is not clear at the moment that SHARP was arrested for the crime. As for the photo storm, SHARP did not get it, the local media related posts did not replace the police shot the two photos. According to Xinhua news agency to lose weight! Brazil prisoners dig escape was stuck at the exit相关的主题文章: