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Apple released iPhone7  will face challenges — communication channel — original title: Apple released iPhone7 in China market will face the challenge of market China at 8 am Beijing time 1, Apple Corp released the seventh generation iPhone, dual camera, waterproof, etc. upgrade has become the highlight of the wireless headset. Analysis of the industry, the mobile Internet market after years of fierce battle entered the mature period, intelligent mobile phone "fame" has become more and more difficult, in the Chinese market, Apple’s new machine will face challenges. The Apple released the new iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, and also released the second generation Apple watch, will be in September 16th in nearly 30 countries and regions, first went on sale. New products in the hardware and software aspects of a series of upgrades. The new iPhone is a bright spot — the built-in "Homekit" intelligent Home Furnishing platform, the user can manage the remote camera management, lights, air conditioning and other appliances through mobile phone, smart Home Furnishing more than and 100 varieties of family support equipment set will be the future of apple. Although Apple has a lot of things, but the smart mobile phone competition has entered the mature stage of the second half, which means that a new generation of Apple’s mobile phone is difficult to obtain market effects such as previously explosive. Prior to the conference, Android camp mobile phone manufacturers have been opened in advance of the offering tide". Samsung, HUAWEI, 360, Motorola, Meizu and SONY and other manufacturers have released a new phone. Apple’s new machine will face fierce competition in the market. Expert analysis, including apple, smart phones will face no small challenge. Challenges, the global smart phone market is facing the ceiling". Research institutions, International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released report predicts that this year, the global smart phone shipments of 1 billion 460 million, an increase of 1.6%, less than previously expected growth of 3.1%. The report believes that many consumers have been satisfied with the function of intelligent machines, innovation becomes more difficult. AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi believes that this is also rich in intelligent hardware, the phone is no longer the only carrier of innovative features; now watches, household appliances, glasses and other products are in the transition to intelligent. Challenge two, the strong rise of domestic brands. Not only apple, Samsung is also facing this challenge. According to IDC statistics, the second quarter of this year, Samsung, apple shipments accounted for the global Championship position, three to five are the domestic mobile phone market share, occupy fourth of the global OPPO mobile phone, the two quarter shipments rose 137% compared to the first quarter, VIVO growth rate reached 80%. In the Chinese market, in the two quarter of this year, HUAWEI’s sales have exceeded Samsung and apple, HUAWEI, OPPO and VIVO accounted for a share of $47%, Apple’s share of the top fifth, to $7.8%. Apple’s mobile phone is facing the problem, but also the challenges of global smart phone manufacturers need to deal with. Industry insiders believe that, although innovation has become increasingly difficult, but there is still a large potential market for smart phones. First of all, continuously improve the quality. Ai Rui information相关的主题文章: