Apple’s new headset is not a long time to solve the problem of radiation experts

Apple’s new headset allegedly kept a radiation expert: do not use for a long time [Abstract] Apple launched a new wireless headset AirPods, American public health experts pointed out that this wireless headset radiation problem, can damage the brain vascular barrier of human body. IPhone7 new headphones 16, Apple’s new phone iPhone7 sale in mainland china. This year, Apple launched a new wireless headset AirPods, however, this wireless headset is Tucao users like hearing aids, there are people worried that it is easy to lose. In addition, the United States public health experts pointed out that this wireless headset radiation problems, can damage the human brain vascular barrier. > > headset radiation microwave transmission equipment near the brain is playing with fire according to the "Daily Mail" reported by iPhone7, called AirPods wireless Bluetooth headset. Apple AirPods external smooth, waterproof, can avoid the problem of tangled headphone wire. This headset is driven by Bluetooth technology to transmit low power waves to the ear. However, the U.S. public health experts pointed out that this headset will harm human health. Research shows that the transfer to the ear timeout wave can weaken the brain vascular barrier. Brain vascular barrier is an important organ to prevent chemical toxins into the body. California College of public health professor Berkeley Moskowitz said, "the microwave transmission equipment near the brain, is playing with fire. This is equivalent to a microwave emitter placed next to the brain." According to reports, at present, the exact frequency of AirPods Bluetooth transmission has not yet announced. Apple engineers and marketing director said that apple is using Bluetooth technology, the radio transmission to strictly abide by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, and Bluetooth transmission waves than microwave radiation is much smaller. In this regard, Dr. Moskowitz countered that the experts had more than 200 electromagnetic fields have said that the guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission is not enough to protect human health. He said, "although we do not know how long the use of Bluetooth devices, but why should the microwave emission device in the ear, so close to the brain? Don’t we have other ways to use the phone more safely?" Therefore, he suggested that users use a wired headset hands-free or open, try not to use the wireless headset. > > expert Professor La Perrie said a small amount of radiation also affects health advice and not for a long time using a Canadian University Health Network Medical Center has previously studied the relationship between mobile phone radiation and brain tumors. He told reporters that although the current study does not have the exact evidence that Bluetooth headset will seriously endanger the health of the human body, but this does not mean that the Bluetooth headset is safe. La Perrie said, "the Bluetooth headset to bring more convenient and comfortable experience to people, but there are also problems caused by the radiation of Bluetooth devices, even with a small amount of radiation, the impact on human health is relatively large. In the existing research, we only know that the Bluetooth headset radiation, but how much of this radiation on the human body is still unknown. People worry about mobile phone radiation will let the human cancer risk variable!相关的主题文章: