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Smart home appliances: user pain points did not find the business model did not detonate the current smart home appliances in the market is difficult to detonate. On the surface, smart appliances do not really find the user’s point of pain; in essence, it is a large number of household electrical appliance enterprises entangled in the business model and the wind is not found, or stay in the hardware to make money by selling stage. Author: Yu hole   source: home appliances circle at present, has no doubt the future development trend of intelligent home appliances in Chinese market and business prospects, but many people are tangled and distress in smart appliances in the market can not be quickly detonated, or even to find new business model of air detonated. Thus, after make smart appliances in the China market experienced more than three years of precipitation, brewing, failed to win the market and commercialization of detonation, into a stray. Recently, and some household electrical appliance enterprises found in communication, intelligent home appliances in large household appliances enterprises, are in a embarrassing situation in the market: smart appliances more and more to the market, more and more intelligent functions and experience but for Yu Yue to emerge in an endless stream, more users, but always failed to activate the enthusiasm to buy. One market reality a little embarrassed. So many home appliance manufacturers the most painful and embarrassing thing is that the smart home appliances really activate the pain point of user needs, in the end where? Do not know; in addition to the seller of electricity, the new home of the new smart appliances detonated tuyere where? Unclear。 It can be said that for all home appliance manufacturers, these two issues a day is not resolved, the market will be difficult to achieve a breakthrough smart appliances. Specifically, intelligent home appliances experience "in the current market China cold outside the heat", the user behind the smart products were praised, it is a large number of home appliances manufacturers tangled in intelligent products of the user pain points is not found, the new business model of intelligent products have not formed air detonated. Which leads to the appearance of "marketable products, users are not recognized, market enthusiasm, manufacturers did not pick a potential" shaved head heat embarrassment. For this dilemma, the author’s point of view is that the current stage of the smart home appliance industry and the market, it is difficult to find the pain point, the new business model has not yet detonated the difficulty of the stage. However, this does not hinder the rapid popularization of intelligent home appliances roadblocks. On the contrary, this time all home appliance manufacturers should be as soon as possible to ignore the two major obstacles and challenges, quick access to the family spent great efforts and means to promote smart products, after seeking rapid scale on the volume, again looking for new commercial feasibility. In the past, the present, or the future. For China’s home appliance manufacturers, to participate in market competition, the biggest lifeline and competitiveness, is based on the size of the growth of space and power. Is to do everything possible and means to promote the rapid popularization of smart home appliances in the family, the amount of rapid, the formation of large-scale advantages. Only after the formation of a certain size of the intelligent terminal and user data platform, in order to quickly find the so-called smart product pain points, to break the new business model tuyere. Two way is not confused. Specifically, in recent years, the Chinese home!相关的主题文章: